Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Atmosphere Shifted

What it do? I was all up in the spot...but like Rep. Charlie Rangel fighting for his job I noticed the atmosphere shifted

What it do? The morale was low up in the spot!!..who's working the angles like Dilated Peoples? it didn't matter if you were young black and gifted.  

...Or is it young gifted and black per Nina Simone?  once again it's on!!  as I bring it back like this!! 

Strange fruit hung back in the day per Billie Holiday!! not a damn thing has changed as jokers talk slick at these Tea Parties!! as we continue to fight this. 

Strangers per Dick Cheney loot the treasury from Wall Street to y'all's street!! they were seen  rocking business wife beaters or maybe the V-neck T-shirt. 

....ATLiens smash and grab or they stand down on Boulevard slinging...until somebody gets hurt

...It's hard on the boulevard!!  but I'm in the ATL with the alien style ..rocking the Louisville Cardinal T-shirt with the hat to match.

Jokers are playing a brother the other way..was it due to the Cardinal T Square?  I caught the sideways glances but now I'm coming out fresh with a brand new batch. 

Making advances like ISIS in Iraq!! we bring it back!!  but are we being built or torn down ? 

Circumstances are debatable!! but The Lord shifted the atmosphere it's going down. 

You'll hurt your chances I was told!! ...but O-Dizzle is throwing down with the sound..O-Zone lifted the masses up with this good word..

We're out here taking jokers down in the Bluff..down by the Georgia Dome supposedly selling good herb..

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