Sunday, June 15, 2014

Life Is What You Make It (Concepts Are Revisited)

Previous concepts are revisited like yearly family reunions. 

Check the routines rites and rituals per Sonora Smart Dodd and this Father's's  like the Pastor and Deacons giving communions.

Check the lights we shine on these "rookies or brand new ones"  they're now in the heart of this!! some were rushing into the fray like first responders getting set up. 

Fortune cookies from the Chinese spot over in the hood didn't mention dealing with the corrupt.

...part of the deliberate falsehood making life hectic.. that concept I previously mentioned but who paid attention even though they're broke? now that's what's up!!  

Reality checks didn't bounce..whose rolling like Roger and Zapp...more bounce to the ounce? please!! life is what you make it!! as we proceed and continue!!  we can't let up!

Oh yeah!! reality knocked us down...haters aka facilitators thought we couldn't get up...but here we are!!

Stanley Cup championship situations per Los Angeles Kings occur..haters were like New York Rangers...trying to raise the bar... 

World Cup situations per Costa Rica surprise some...they didn't think we would get far...put now we put it down like this...

Worldwide? side deals are cut...the situation is corrupt like ISIS in Iraq..they're back..the arch nemesis is on the premises...

There's no where to run or ride!! ...but for freedom we's real like that! we can't fake it!!

What it do? at the end of the day / at the end of the story? life is what you make it!!


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