Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Was On The Same Page PT.2

Check me out… I’m just doing what I do!!  please !! even though we just had the Summer Solstice it’s cold out here!! like  we’re in the Ice Age.

Thats per the polar vortex ….the sport is complex!!  so I’m not on that same page.

Who feels the rage? damn!!  now we’re on the same page!! ..but polar opposites won’t feel the same … but next level dramatics will teach them a lesson.

Bipolar type composites show you how the drama gets!! especially when they start stressing.

A high roller received a blessing like Dick Cheney per Haliburton ….but they won’t get to cash out this time….we’re not going to Iraq...

A deal had been made to let the Sunnis take over…no need to act fake..the game is over…but I was on the same page with those that act like they know…meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock...

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