Friday, June 27, 2014

Out Here...Going Through These Routines Rites And Rituals

 Here we go again!! damn!! going through these routines rites and rituals... but you could smell the bad odor!! check the situation. 

Old school gangsters like Al Capone would say "they smell a rat" .. so what's really going on? 

Situations will Transform us like the Age Of Distinction..but where are the Friends of Distinction? grazing in the grass? dude said little sister was in the spot smelling like last night's business. 

We try to Transcend and Transform...but brink of disaster deals are getting old like mistakes, lies and excuses. 

Usually minding and tending..but we had to think faster than the average man!! please!!  the sport is complex!!  but were choosing to take the assignment per Mission Impossible.

The mothership / hooptie moves faster!!  were cruising through the universe or just down I-20 in Atlanta per the Chronicles...where anything is possible!! 

Especially if we played it like Jehoshaphat who showed fear and set himself to seek the Lord per 2 Chronicles 20:3 ..damn!!  here  we go again!!  caught out here going through those same routines, rites,  and rituals. 

But soon I change the game up..jokers claim they're phat and all that but some are lame up in this piece!! I wasn't down with the habituals. 

I know how this bitch called life is!! so  I might change my name up in this piece! 

Now call me Hector..I'm speaking Spanish down in Rio at the World Cup!!  but the Brazilians say there's no justice and no peace say the least!! who prayed to the East?  please!!  the drama is jumping off in the Middle. 

...from Iraq, Egypt to the Palestine; but even Eastside ATL!!  I'm foul with mine? naw!!  but O-Zone was able to solve the riddle. 

O-Dizzle will rock!!  there's spiritual significance in this operation..those are the routines rites and rituals followed. 

That's the dizzle!! as we go for what we know!!  anothers doctrine is not followed. 

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