Monday, June 30, 2014

Wishful Thinking

It's going down!! but things are out of control!! it's not like we want....but please!!  that's just wishful thinking.  

It's going down!!  we might have to make executive decisions like Obama on immigration...ignoring the instigation!! but some ease on down the road per The Wiz...feeling the bliss!!  smoking and drinking. 

I wasn't at ease!! I was all up in the spot where ignorance was bliss!!   others were laughing / joking!!  what were they thinking?  not a damn thing is funny to this brotha!!

Like Chris Rock and the BET Awards... meanwhile I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in Honda Accords..staying away from Douglas County Georgia!  it's rough out there on a brotha.  

Meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock...but who's controlling things down here?  what's up with us?  BET Awards shows buffoonery? as the hustlers kept hustling and players kept playing!! but  they weren't checking for this  brotha. 

Whats the dizzle? Hobby Lobby religious? another perspective was showing me that's wishful thinking....word from a brotha!! 
I was disrespected for doing the knowledge..maybe because I wasn't in the lobby!!  I was parking lot pimping...while some thought ignorance was bliss..they weren't thinking. 

I was disrespected; but the mothership got good mileage!!  so now the funk is dropped!!  but some said the funk is not stinking. 

I was disconnected..but I spotted the ISIS caliphate after I got scientific with it!! work is put in!!  but I wasn't grinding.  

Please!! grinding will cause the machine to screech to a halt;  now check out the Sonic Assault!!  we blast on the foul..those that hate!! we put our minds in this thing.

Please!! minding and tending is the business as we wrap our minds around this thing like GM and the ignition switch recalls.

Wishful thinking is not part of the business...we're just doing this!!...putting work in blue collar style!! while another balls..

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