Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It All Falls Into Place PT.2

Check the style..please..we're still breakbeat scientific with it...we're all over the place!! but we know you can get caught out there like Benghazi plotters and schemers  Ahmed Abu Khatallah... 

Check the style...please..we're not fake with it...we didn't get caught up in the system / matrix...knowledge was gained from the "old schooler" Abdullah...

Check the style..please!! these jokers will act brand new with ya...like Aaron Hernandez's attorneys blaming the New England Patriots for their clients actions..

Some of these jokers are foul...in Nigeria you can't watch the World Cup in peace per Boko Haram and their terrorist actions.. 

Check the mass hysteria caused by these factions...but at the end of the day / end of the story? no weapons formed against us will work per Ray Lewis..

We checked our history..we studied the mathematics...soon realizing that it all falls into place..now they say we act brand new with this!!

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