Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Next Level Mission

So what's really going on?  I discussed it with the homies.. I told them I'm on a next level mission. 

I keep it moving..that's the strategy!! I let "shawty"  know whats up!!  but like Uncle Jimmy Mack they're gone!!  R.I.P. ..but  I refuse to let this get the best of me...I'm on a mission. 

Oh!! they had a piece!!  then they wanted the rest of me like they were the Adjustment Bureau!! that was the impression I got!! so that's when I pulled the plug.

The wannabe diva in the ATL was in love with dude!!  now singing Maybe Tomorrow like the Jackson 5... she's mad because she pulled a thug.

I spotted dude when he took a pull off the drug laced Swisher / dutchie that was passed to the left hand side!!

Dude thought I was slow!!  some kind of fool?  what's up with me? please!! like the New York Knicks hiring Derek Fisher I'm on this next level business ... I'm a revolutionary for freedom..ready to ride.

 I'm clocking the homicide, suicide, and genocide...from the ATL to over in Nigeria

...From Oakland to Louisville to Syria;  we deal with the mass hysteria. 

...Like Flight 370 from Malaysia some will be lost in the process. 

We're on a rendezvous with destiny..check these next level moves we make...but reality is testing you and me...check the ongoing process. 

God blessed you and me..even when we didn't deserve it...we we're rolling with chefs in hells kitchen with the bad meal!!...some even tried to serve it...

It's not odd..I observed it..like Donald Sterling so called pwers that be worked things...meanwhile we blessed you with these breakbeat scientific principles..something to swerve with... 


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