Saturday, June 28, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / It's The Weekend Baby!!

What it do? it's going down!!  but some should know what the deal is. 

It's the weekend baby!! as usual your dude was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta handling business. 

Oh yeah!! like the Iraq army fighting back against ISIS we handle business before it handles us!! you know vandals were delinquent..but we know how a juvenile does.

Supposedly pimping ..chasing Cleopatra and Isis... or like French Montana and Chloe or Kanye and Kim..supposedly grown and sexy!!  soon finding out how complex the sport can be!!  soon feeling the buzz. 

Oh!! they're feeling the burn like rolling with Dr. Ian Smith and one his workouts!!

Oh yeah!! I've got that feeling per James Brown that they'll learn!! oops  upside the head!! the Sonic Blackjack gets a workout. we put this good word out!! but some won't grasp the aspects!! too abstract?  everybody ain't able. 

Some heard it's rough out here!!  even though the New Moon in Cancer aspects Jupiter and Neptune;  they'll believe the fable. 

...acting brand new with ya after they heard the tune!! now they're Mafioso. 

...spotted some at Club Quik Trip on Panola Rd in Lithonia trying to tell me how it go. 

...spotted dude tripping in the wheelchair at the Shell Station...hustling for loose change ..supposedly to buy batteries for a boom box...

...dude said he wasn't the one that fell for regular scheduled programming...didn't listen to V-103 or KISS 104...said he listened to 89.3 WRFG or 91.9 WCLK when they played jazz / reggae and hip hop..he knew what was up!! he reminded me of an old school player from back in the day...who would rock..

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