Thursday, June 12, 2014

Engulfed In Flames

 It's going down!! there was no turning back!! it's like World Cup 2014 coverage... now some are caught up in these games. 

It's going down!! it's burning like Iraq...the fire is fully involved!! the structure is engulfed in flames. 

It's going down from New Orleans down on the Gulf Coast to the Iraqi sands. 

Food was spoiling due to the heat!! damn!!  fools were boasting..they're still running the street!!  they'll get hit up like its drones over in Pakistan

I've got the heart of the blackest man!!  but due to the complexion I'm confused with Malcolm X aka Detroit Red

...Or maybe Redd Foxx trying to get back to St Louis to stop by Sweetie Pies...being well fed. 

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