Monday, June 23, 2014

Matrix Glitches PT.4 (The Saga / Struggle Continues )

I mentioned synchronization earlier...the lack of it lead to matrix glitches.....

Who paid attention due to no syndication?  like Obama vs Putin concerning Ukraine...who will work with ya?  these fake ones were just snitches. 

....Plus Donald Sterling types were still in the mix;  not a damn thing has changed!!  

Check our response..we work this thing to our advantage!! some way or some how the good word is dropped and the beats banged. 

The atmosphere is rearranged; The Lord shifted it per Jason Nelson!! so how will we deal with it?

 Mechanical engineering rearranged the engineering the mental; so who's real with it?

 Fanatical ones introduced matrix glitches leading to loathing and fearing that some like Dick Cheney will make profits from. 

These mathematical ones produced this breakbeat science;  these prophets bring this good word and the drum.

....But knowing what traveling the path will's like Tsunami warnings  due to Alaska earthquakes...breaking minds..stressing one out...

...Mystery unraveling like FBI sex trafficking's hard out here for a pimp...the system is stressing one out..

History unraveling for's was based on a lie!! ...reality smacks it down...some wish it was a simple thing...

Matrix glitches are repelled with the drum and this good the end of the day? we did the damn thing!!


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