Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Like This and Like That And A ; I'm Just Doing What I Do

It's going down!!  it's like this and like that and a ..but like the USA beating Ghana in the World Cup I'm just doing what I do. 

It's going down!! what's up with a brotha?  I told the "old schooler' it's rough out here!!  damn!! I thought they knew! 

....Then I told the "new schooler"  the saga / struggle continues ...jokers were like Republicans and Benghazi; they have new and improved scams, schemes, and plots. 

Slick like Slick Rick the Ruler!!  some will even get "Hollywood" on ya...they'll fool ya with glamour shots. 

Checked the situation;  some couldn't hit like Tony Gwynn; ..they're foul with these!! ..check the deliberate falsehood... they're on some "other other" ..but  actually they seem preoccupied. 

Soon they'll get gaffled like Eric Cantor by Dave the background I here Da Funkadafied ! 

Checked the situation;  it wasn't like Oakland or Wall Street occupied..somebody lied!!  but we should know how they do. 

Checked the situation;  now at the end of the day / the end of the story?  I'm just doing what I do.

I thought jokers knew!!  apparently they don' I drop knowledge on them. 

Plus the mothership gets good mileage;  mystic voyages?  I'm on them. 

A brother get's scientific with's on them to fix their problems like ISIS in Iraq vs the Shiites...

Another was fanatical with it after being misled...waiting in the mad at me because I'm shining lights.. 

It's Like This and Like That and A..I'm Just Doing What I Do..

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