Saturday, June 21, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / I Kept On Running (Bonus Coverage)

I was all up in the spot..they asked me about the paper chase..I told them I was chilling out!  

Mr Cole said it's a "rat race / dog eat dog"..he said this world is per the Outback Chronicles O-Dog was out on the deck...grilling out. 

....after rolling out per I-20 Chronicle type of business..I was putting it down from Lenox Mall to Stonecrest Mall...what's up y'all? check out this bonus coverage like it was the World we do it like this. 

....Similar to last summer when I had the West Coast state of mind ....per rolling down I-80 in the Oakland area...from Hayward to we put it down like this..

Not trying to brag or boast but like ISIS rolling in Iraq check how we take it to the next level....that's  per the Summer Solstice.

Not lying..trying to brag and boast like like they have it going on like Dick Cheney concerning Iraq..please!! Haliburton won't get the dollar back!! some wonder where their soul is..

Check out how we roll with this!!  I told shorty chasing a dollar is like chasing the wind

Check out how I roll with this!! even scientists make mistake like the CDC anthrax scare I'm not racing a scholar!!  even though I do the knowledge so everybody will win. 

....Plus everybody will sin!! please!!  everybody's hands are dirty. 

...But I proceed and continue...but like A-Rod aka Alex Rodriguez in exile I couldn't find anybody to work with me. 

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!!  so that seems to be a problem. 

This brotha kept on running!! it got lonely out there but O-Zone is dropping this good word while O-Dog is rocking them. 


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