Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lost In Translation / Transition PT.2

It's going down!!  as we break it down like this!!  like old school Los Angeles Lakers with Magic Johnson..were in transition. 

...Or maybe like San Antonio Spurs..the Miami Heat can bear witness to what's going down!! as we get breakbeat scientific / fast breaking!!  some will be lost in transition. 

Is this message lost in translation? some didn't know how to play defense!!  those skills were missing in their game. 

This veteran in the game now coaching like Jason Kidd or Derek Fisher tried to run the play!!  but it was lost in translation!! damn!! there are a lot of flaws in the game. 

What game?  please!!  it can be normal life..or it can be from the NBA playoffs to the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup. 
What game?  please!!  from Louisville to the ATL to Chi Town players try to stand around with the pimp cup. 

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