Saturday, June 28, 2014

Caught In A Moment Of Time..The Relocation

 Concepts are revisited…but they’re relocated from the Sonic Assault…while I was caught in a moment of time.

Demands were listed or unlisted..those related per Elyjah Marrow and Ice T will get caught up in crime…

I had the gist of it…loved or hated?  astrologers said this New Moon in Cancer aspects Jupiter.

It’s going down as I write this!!  issues aren’t debated.. you can spot me where the light is!!  I just might act brand new with ya.

It’s going down!! like ISIS in Iraq we continue to fight this spiritual warfare ….those waiting in the dark were busy following hunches.

It’s going down!!  now check the ongoing crisis…no payday for Dick Cheney? some are soon paying the price for supposedly free lunches.
Caught In A Moment Of Time..The Relocation | Whats Really Going On?

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