Sunday, June 29, 2014

Putting Work In / Still Blue Collar With It

Unlike Jason Kidd bumping heads with Nets management I'm playing my position..still blue collar with it!!  the last of a dying breed!!

What's up kid? were not flipping out...rolling like Shia LeBeouf; the good word is dropped and sounds are bumping instead...we're doing damage while others were least were trying..true indeed..

What's up kid? others were saying they're living good!!  large and in charge!! but they try to call your bluff...who had a dollar?  we're all out here trying to get what we need. 

We checked out the deliberate tires skid as some pump brakes after the Getaway...Earth Wind and Fire or the Salsoul Orchestra are playing...true indeed...

True indeed!! how were you trying to roll?  it's rough out here!! everybody is going through something.

 MC Breed said it best when he dropped the knowledge;  he said "ain't no future in your fronting"

 ....others look into the future;  they "ain't seeing nothing" ..based on the here and now per Luther.

 O-Zone aka "O-Zeeny"  is retro / futuristic; I had to tell them about this mystic!!  but they'll act brand new with a brother! 

Like Sunni vs Shia Muslims in Iraq danger zone business gets handled before it handles us!!  as we put it down like this. 

Whats up with O-Dizzle? mechanical rebukes the social engineering ....funky is how the sound is. 

Mathematic formulas are solved by O-Zone by following breakbeat scientific principles. 

Fanatical formulas per the devil's " steal, kill and destroy"  platform are exposed;  so called masters of the universe thought they were invincible. 

Webmasters alt shift delete platforms!!  we're also exposed!! but we were putting work in.

...Last of a dying breed with the blue collar style!! I told you!!  we were putting work in.

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