Monday, June 09, 2014

Forces Were Scattered

It's going down!! once again it's on!!  check out the ongoing spiritual warfare. 

Some are asking;  who you wit?  in their *Bernie Mac voice*  who'll make the right choice when they go there? 

Who do you know out there? forces are scattered... R.I.P Uncle Jimmy were praying for Tracy Morgan...

Who do you know out there? that's what they ask me ..O-Zone aka Uncle "O"...but I can see forces are scattered out there!! ..I told them I'm chilling out..not staying up all night like Kevin Roper the Wal Mart truck driver...I didn't smoke an "o" or drink any Captain Morgan...

Who's rolling the dice like the couple out in Las Vegas it really mattered!!...saying this is a revolution per the Beatles..

Who's rolling with ya? forces are scattered ..they found out "it ain't nothing nice"'s part of an evolution ..who's knowing what the street does? 

It was hard out for some....what it do? what it does? ..Chris Brown and Jamal Bryant said "these hoes ain't loyal" ...for some it's hard to get it right!!  their egos get bruised and battered..

It's hard out here for some..meanwhile O-Dizzle get's down..he's defiant!! he pulled out the drum!! O-Zone has this good word...our forces weren't scattered. 

It's hard out here for some..they'll get what's coming to them due to the karma...

It's hard out for some...when the drama goes down? there was no reinforcement ....the episode might alarm ya!!

There were too many hot spots in the world!!  from Nigeria to Pakistan

It's going down from the ATL to Oakland and all points in between ....who'll understand? 

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