Sunday, June 08, 2014

Danger Zone Type Of Business

 ...Letting the system or apparatus know I'm not having it!!  they just disturb the groove. 

Like that joint by the System..check the status;  hustles are knocked when  they caught Gus or Herb on the move. 

Like the system has Swift  or Wal Mart trucks on the Jimmy Mack is dead..Tracy Morgan is I heard the Gemini / Sagittarius blurt as anointed women bump heads with "hoes that ain't loyal"  per Jamal Bryant.

Keep it pimping player per the ATLien!!  as one goes for what they know..I'm peeping out the flow....damn!! y'all were defiant!! 

....wishing it was a simple thing!!  but that's not how danger zone business is handled. 

....wishing it was a simple thing!!  some took a risk..with fate they gambled. 

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