Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Don't Stop ..You Don't Stop : The Saga / Struggle Continues

It's going down like this!! it's like the ISIS resurgence in Iraq..the saga / struggle continues. 

It's going down! it's  discussed by the participating constituents..all up in the spot!!  all up these venues.

The constitution supposedly guaranteed rights and privileges..but if Tea Party politics go down they'll be taken away. 

The institution was being ran by armchair quarterbacks..similar to Miami Heat point guards who didn't know how to run a play. 

The confusion / chaos and frustration was a by product of the manufacturing process. 

Winning and losing occurs in the grey area..check the scenarios..it's hard to stop the stress. 

The hot mess goes down!! you know the saga / struggle continues.

 We rock this!!  local national international and intergalactic;  all these venues. 

Rolling like the soul food spot in the hood..what's on these menus? this breakbeat scientific product is similar to a high protein diet for weight loss.. 

We won't stop...we didn't roll with that fool from over in the hood...he was fronting like Dr. Oz with miracle weight loss claims...he tried to front fake and floss..  

We won't stop..we even had to sacrifice and take a loss!! once chilling out  ..laying low like dude in the  Picasso picture...but we came back stronger and wiser...

The saga / struggle continues...you don't stop!! you don't stop!! we maintain focus..check out the scripture and the mixture...we knew where the prize was.. 


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