Monday, June 23, 2014

Projection / Reflection : Protection

Lessons are taught...check the image or projection; but not for the NBA Draft... it seems some had the story twisted. 

....stressing a brotha like I was some kind of sucker!! but I did the math... it seems they had the story twisted!!

Little sister in the Pontiac Grand Am with two children sitting in car seats begged for money outside the Shell station in Decatur!! but her boyfriend was inside buying lottery tickets, White Owls and quarts of beer. 

Damn!! rejection is the antidote for a hater with flagrant styles!!  that's why they're caught out there.

As we go there!!  check this project son!! as we put it down like this!! 

 Projections / reflections and protection is the order of business!! it's like this... it's like this. 

Expectations? even Rand Paul says Obama shouldn't clean up Dick Cheney's mess in Iraq... 

Projections from y'all indicate a brotha was disrepected..but I don't worry about them...they can't play me...this brotha will rock...

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