Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cutting The Corner PT. 2 (It's Going Down )

I had to laugh at "shorty" ....they said every time they saw me I was "cutting the corner" 

I had the math for shorty!!  they didn't know what it do!! during this manufacturing process?  I wasn't cutting corners. 

I was thorough!!  following breakbeat scientific principles like principles of accounting. 

I was through following...please!! you'll be defeated like Spain in the World Cup...I'm a leader!!  check out the sound we bring. 

Making hits like Tony Gwynn!!  but I don't know if they'll make Casey Kasem's  American Top 40.

R.I.P.  to both of them!!  jokers over in the hood would pour out the "40" 

....ounces ...more bounce to the ounces per Roger and Zapp  as the old school deuce and a quarter cut the corner back in the day up in Louisville. 

Me and dude just talked about old school Shawnee Park / Dirt Bowl fast forward to today!! down here in the ATL?  it's still going down..that's the deal.

It's going down..Shawnee, Cherokee and Apache Indians were the Washington Redskins lose their patent... 

It's going down...I see it's all on me...miracle weight loss claims per Dr. Oz false? now the doctor will lose his patient...

O-Dog will rock ya...but sometimes he loses his patience...these jokers were moving "sucker slow" ....

Moving in slow they're stuck in the mud...soon we're cutting the corner on them...the Brotha O-Zone will go for what he knows!!

"cutting the corner on them..moving to the next level"


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