Sunday, July 11, 2021

Downtown Vol.2 | JazzHop

Sunday Jazz Continues, oh yes!!  check out  these menus as this Sunday brunch is served!

Sunday morning knowledge dropped during the process, an antidote to the madness? maybe, but we’re back with this! out off of I-20 in Atlanta we swerved!

Gateway to the universe excursions, we observed the scene from Louisville / Newburg to over in Charlotte / Mecklenburg then from Pluto to Mars. 

Intergalactic like Richard Branson’s trying to be but cruising down Broadway in Louisville or on Tryon Street in Charlotte is where you can spot me with the other cars!

Downtown! now can we get down? we’re coming through listening to this Downtown Vol. 2 JazzHop mix! its a continuation of the vibe from yesterday!

It’s courtesy of Fantastic Music, we can all use it! check out the playlist and the mix from the fantastic music that’ll play!

🎼 Tracklist
00:00 Screen Jazzmaster & Zmeyev - Sadness 02:17 Phlocalyst & Mr.Käfer - Reminisce Over Us 04:31 Living Room, Rosoul & Viktor Minsky - Whiskey Jazz 06:35 KarmawiN - Vanilla Smoke 09:49 Zmeyev & Nometronn - bumpin 11:14 K-laz, Sergio Battala - Trane's mood 14:02 Matchbox Youth - Talvi 15:53 K-laz, Sergio Battala - Sketches 18:06 Mr.Käfer & Devaloop - A Tale of Brighter Days 20:14 Bequem, LOKY - Lazy Evening 21:55 Zmeyev - Anxiety 23:52 Wilczynski X Mondo Loops X Phlocalyst - Blue Moon 25:18 Living Room, Rosoul - Soul Croissant 28:17 Earljam - If You Didn't Know 30:20 Cap Kendricks & DJ Access - Doom


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