Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Six)

 Waxing poetic on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; we claim the terrific outcome!

Waxing the Ford Fusion, now out on I-20 in Atlanta rolling! King Arthur was in the mix on 107.5 with the 90’s hip hop, I was in my element! once again it’s on!

Winning? losing? it’s all game, but we keep moving forward never backwards, so what’s next?

Winning? losing? pulling out of the game like Simone Biles check the styles knowing that the sport is complex!

A stairway hello? after I’m asked what’s good I say Let The Healing Process Begin!! I tell you about the battle scars! Catching hell from the devil and his advocates with not just their shady dealing!! injured by hooves and thorns from fighting these spiritual wars! Sure! this revelry is enjoyed by some! the saga / struggle continues! some were valiant, but I was a reluctant warrior that was minding and tending without a dog in the fight / it’s not my mission. Moving forward, we knew what the deal will be, some try to steal the sunshine without your permission!

Damn!! had to admit we made the simple complex just because we didn't go along with the program!

Damn!! moving forward so what’s next? we pimp through bouncing off the brand new funk; but everybody wanted to hear a slow jam!

Damn!! so whatcha know? now were in a jam;  while moving forward on to the next we found out it wasn’t all love so we were caught out there! its not even on the bus line!

Like down here in Atlanta!! but living way out in the Conyers area; stranded!! so now whats up with mine?

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