Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Moving Forward / Now Whats Next? (Part Two)

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? we’re  moving forward, never backwards! that’s  the catch phrase / mantra!

We’re claiming the terrific outcome then we’re ready to move to the next phase like the Isley Brothers! somebody will understand a brotha!

...out here doing the mathematics, a void walker; an intergalactic antagonistic mystic on a voyage swinging from the moon.

Sliding through the portal filling the void! usually out there stalking Pluto and Mars, on earth real soon! Balking? maybe, knowing how the sport will go, it's complex!! the mission? a reluctant warrior, it all weighs heavy.. ..like the weight of man, some of my people will understand!! it's heavy like an old 60’s model Chevy.. 

Paying a fine / fee / penalty or levy? warning lights blink on the instrument panel in the mothership as I enter the City of Dreams. Paying a fine / fee / penalty or levy? trying to move forward but the episodes are heartbreaking! results of playing foolish games? Crushing! damn!! so now what's next!! is this the by product of my conduct? like I said earlier it all weighs heavy! Rushing!! moving forward even though I had to sacrifice!! I left that place, now it’s back to reality! 

So what’s up with me? like I mentioned previously we’re moving forward never backwards!

Retro futuristic with it as we move on to the next, this is how that works!

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