Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Lights Were Still Blinking On The Instrument Panel

Oh yes!!  check out this HumpDay Extravaganza!! it's on again!! plus its another edition of these I-20 Chronicles. 

The saga / struggle continues!! once again it's on!! but lights blink on the instrument panel, so what's the response to these and those? 

The saga / struggle continues!! once again insights are dropped based on 1-20 in Atlanta meandering. 

...Similar to Gulf Coast I-10 meandering from Mobile to Baton Rouge to Houston? oh yes!!  it's the same kind of understanding. 

....we're all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness!! but we weren't like old school  players out on Candler Road in Decatur rolling in Dodge Rams and Ford F150's when we dipped back to the community!! we transcend and transform.

...we're all up in the spot, where jokers act brand new with me!! it'll get hot!! 70 degree weather for Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta?  please!! that's not the norm!!

...we're all up in the spot, but things aren't brand new with me!! it'll get hot like Brannon Hill condos catching on fire over on Memorial Drive!! is that the norm?

...we're all up in the spot!! rolling in the mothership off of I-20 in Atlanta but lights blink on the instrument panel even though we have diplomatic immunity.. damn!! oil lights / check engine lights!! emissions control information couldn't transfer due to clogged EGR valves? damn!! we're having to deal with the storm.

...But actually it's the norm!! used as an instrument as I do community service? down I-20 in Atlanta I swerve with this but it's not like Kanye!! life / strife  goes on!!  of course,  due to the stress it'll be a bit messy.

Don't wait for the drama to unfurl, stay a step ahead!! that's what the message will be.

Prayer? that's where the blessing will be!! as I roll down I-20 in Atlanta I notices lights stopped blinking on the instrument panel...

Prayer changes things per Deitrick Haddon, I can see what's happening!! emissions tests were passed so I continue to roll down I-20 in Atlanta!! victories were won per being in the Lion's Den like Daniel!

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