Friday, November 11, 2016

Winds Of Change PT. 10 (Where Do We Go From Here?)

Winds Of Change blow in!!  is the storm over like the Presidential Election?

..Or are more on the way / how will these stormtroopers play?  you might need to pray in your section.

Stormtroopers and Hunger Games Peacekeepers soon preying on your section?  please!!  they already are from Baton Rouge to the Carolinas to Ferguson. 

Did they dupe us saying justice / equality for all? I started writing this on Throwback / Thirsty Thursday but due to being  hungry and thirsty during the rouge, you'll find us overworking. 

...Letting you know what the scoop is after my mind was overworking and overthinking due to the information overload.

Winds Of Change were blowing heavy,  now we drop it heavy like Big Pun, KRSOne and Showbiz and AG!! we're in transformation mode. 

 Meanwhile in Dekalb County Georgia authorities pull the old school Chevy Monte Carlo over; damn!! it sounded like a car bomb!! sub woofers to the max,  after dude turned the dial..

 On our heads? there's a bounty!! Trump supporters rolling up with a license to ill like Beastie Boys? they get rebuked by protesters from DC / NYC to Portland Oregon for the madness they're starting!! they were acting foul..
On so many levels? after the winds of change blow some are through playing games per the Plan Z  strategy!! from Beatties Ford Rd to Tyvola Rd in Charlotte I spotted crews pulling capers!! face to face with a crook?

On so many levels? ..Diplomatic Immunity  needed  from the upcoming madness due to winds of change blowing? sign at a church on I-85?...get off Facebook and put your face in The Book..

In the A-Town things are foul...Spotted APD rolling up on some folks down on their luck, aka homeless / aka vagrants.

Winds of change are blowing, so where do we go from here? we'll have to be on top of this, we'll probably deal with a bunch of flagrant agents..

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