Friday, November 18, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Adversity Anniversary Edition)

This is how we do it these!! the I-20 Chronicles are dropped in conjunction with the Adversity Anniversary. 

AKA my birthday;  possessing Scorpio ways,  intensified during this season!!  check out how I play. 

..Also check out how I pray to the Lord,  thanking him for blessings!!  also per James 1:2-4we're asking for strength to persevere. 

You should know how to play these games!! you should be in the amen corner like an old deacon when I say it's rough out here!!

Dropping this on a so called Flashback Friday! playing these grey area scenarios in a retro-futuristic fashion..

Dropping / falling off?  it all falls down? society wants me to give the cash back because I play it my way like Kanye supporting Trump; not down with Trump but because I'm dropping this good word and the beats thump the so called police question my thoughts and fashion.. 

It's like the media questioning the Trump transition team, while the Brotha O stays in transition!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta is the business

Chilling!! not doing 208 like that kid on the Oklahoma turnpike, the way these clowns act authorities already see a spike in business! 

Shady dealing? oh yes!! hate picking up during the shift from Scorpio Season to Sagittarius? 

Experienced the real thing during Scorpio Season aka the Adversity Anniversary!! Adversity University classes were taught by the nefarious..

They had various ways and means, plus reasons for treasons during this season! check the fake news on Facebook...

They had various plots and schemes, everything is not what it seems!!  this was mentioned in my Gangsta Chronicles, but what was the response to those? naysayers said you were face to face with a crook..

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