Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Winds Of Change PT.7 (The Perspective)

Winds of change are blowing: what's the perspective?  what's the mind frame on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?

 Positive?  negative? it's strange,  due to mind games some will wait to the end of the day to see what the news will be.

 Oh yes!!  Election Tuesday!!  Election Day!!  it's time to put up or shut up! it's time to get down!

 Not like the O'Jays talked about; it's not all love, from your section to nationwide corrupt moves are put down.

 Tom Joyner plays the OJays "gotta give the people what they want" but you know politicians flex /  front and flaunt, at the end of the day they're supporting corporate interests.

 Jackie Joyner-Kersee dipped back in the day!!  before that?  civil rights pioneers marched for voting rights while Bull Connor types tried to abort their interests.

 Anointed ones?  please!!  some of my people are Branded like Chuck Connors!!  stripped of awards / stripes and honors,  so what's the perspective?

... Especially on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday;  will it be positive or negative? 

These days?  I let God handle it, we should know at the end of the day it's on him. 

Business?  on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday no matter who runs this government I still have to handle it,  so whatcha knowing? 

The drama is still ongoing, some even mentioned this being Obama Day!!  was it in a positive or negative way? so called pundits and experts are loving it!!  they'll have something to say / they'll put a bug in your ear. 

Winds of change are blowing so what's the perspective on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?  is it positive or negative?  God is in control, have no fear. 

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