Monday, November 28, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Back To Regular Scheduled Programming)

Check out these I-20 Chronicles; oh!! we're back to regular scheduled programming!!  it's going down on this so called Cyber Monday. 

The response to these and those? it's all love but we're acting irregular!! O-Dizzle wasn't slow jamming, per Public Enemy? don't believe the hype!! but constituents were caught up in the Black Friday hype,  spending all their money. 

The response to these and those? they said I wasn't with it, I must have missed something!! they're done with me!! they didn't like how this black man played!! they said I'm acting irrational because I'm balling on a budget.

They said I wasn't with it, but actually they couldn't run with me!! I'm  rolling on I-20 in Atlanta staying a step ahead of Hunger Games Peacekeepers and A Donald Trump nationalist government

 The drama? some are loving it!! they'll try to manufacture it like in Chicago per the pure vs the damaged in Divergent!!

The drama? some are loving it!! manipulated by David types from the  Bureau of Genetic Welfare? checking out the  Thanksgiving Weekend gunfire that erupts in Chicago as I go there; who can I work with?

The drama?  some are loving it!! who's hated?  others misbehaved as Thanksgiving Weekend gunfire erupts  from Bourbon Street in New Orleans to Shawnee Park in Louisville.

The drama?  some are loving it!!  how were they working it? similar to Louisville Cardinals losing twenty point leads in hoops,  then letting  the Kentucky football team beat you in Louisville? 

What's the deal? Holyfield is what the ATLien troops will tell me, over on Candler Road in Decatur!! some were  still rocking the number 7 Mike Vick jersey!!!

....or maybe the number 11 Julio Jones;  my cousin was tripping out in San Francisco and came back with the number 7 Colin Kaepernick jersey!!!

...meanwhile O-Zone is tripping on dude who looked like he was on that stuff walking down Candler Road in the old thrift store Green Bay Packers jerseys! to him? Thanksgiving Day didn't look like it was all that good..

Danger zone business has winners and losers; did Fidel Castro try to behoove us?  meanwhile we're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta reflecting / contemplating, soon rebuking the deliberate hood...

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