Thursday, November 10, 2016

Winds Of Change PT.9 (Where Do We Go From Here)

Winds of change are blowing,  so where do we go from here? the chief meteorologists or Presidential election pollsters couldn't determine the weather pattern..

It's not strange that a dude like me is rocking this!! no credentials needed to peep game, I could recognize the pattern..

Please!! Saturn in Sagittarius has some acting nefarious, so called officials manipulate issues, oh yes!! they think they can fix it!! 

Trump in over his head / is he in too deep? hidden / unseen forces will creep; can the DJ from Indeep fix it? 

Trump protesters fill the streets from NYC / DC / ATL to Oakland, getting open!!  how are the people supposed to act?

Beats thump plus your blessed with this good word!! we had a notion as these winds of change were blowing!! we're either open or opposed to this and that!!

The test stumps some, either essays or multiple choices!!  during ongoing dangers some lift voices,  now they blast three pointers like Stephen Curry or drove to the hoop like Lebron James and finish with a bank shot or a dunk.

Winds of change have a kick to them!! spicy like my Jamaican folks curry!! O-Dog? he wasn't in a hurry plus he won't worry!! he'll have the loops, breaks and cuts...putting more stank on the funk.

The word in the wind should rally the troops!! games should have been peeped when ISIS raided holy sites!! in other spots jakes are trying to take things to another level.

Winds of change blew a lifetime ago; back in the day we were rolling down Broadway in Louisville in Buick Regals and Pontiac Bonnieville Broughams!! now we're in Atlanta or even Charlotte rolling down I-85 in Chevy Impalas, Cadillac coupes and Cut Dogs!! now check these Captain's Logs per this Sonic Assault; we're rolling up on another devil.

...On so many levels, so what it do? where do we go from here? we should know the deal about these Pontius Pilate types!!  some people believed their hypes but we tried to ignore some of those clowns..
...On so many levels!! where do we go from here?  per winds of change blowing  the mothership should be on automatic pilot per God being in control!!  studying the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is how a brotha will roll!!  usually on the case as rockets blast!! we're bringing back Intergalactic sounds..

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