Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ring The Alarm!! (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

Once again it's on!! we're blessed!! we can bear witness to another HumpDay Extravaganza. 

Ring the alarm, as some awaken to get into grind mode!! stressed?  no status like Cartwrights on Bonanza

Damn!! oh no!! alarms ring as I got into my vehicle the wrong way this morning,  awakening the neighbors. 

Storms roll into Georgia as I write this!! stay woke,  they've been blowing in per one form or another!! The Emotions?  Don't Ask My Neighbors. 

Rainy Night In Georgia per Brook Benton? please!! it's been happening!! actually? evil has been reigning all over the world!!  emotions interfere with the thought process!! some can't enjoy the fruits of labors  

Midnight train to Georgia per Gladys Knight and The Pips? get it right, a dude pimped in the Buick Regal on I-75 on the way to Atlanta!! memory lane / flashbacks per the thought process?  cool like that, not country like Gomer Pyle / Jim Nabors..

Cool like that per the Digable Planets but we're damned if we do or don't do this!!  drama is local national international and intergalactic!! on other planets stormtroopers thought they had me trapped, so what it do / what it does?  please!!  I get free and stay free.

The business plan wasn't scrapped, but I'm in the hood over in Decatur by South Dekalb Mall!! dude rode by in the old school  Chevy Suburban listening to Young Jeezy and Kanye West talking about they put on for their city!!  I was dapped!! they gave me pounds, they feel me.

Dude stood in front of the mall and rapped  basic A, B, C lyrics into the Samsung phone; like their washers,  blowing up?  please!!   deals went sideways!! but like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump some try to get over the hump, so what it do? is help on the way? the deal will be ugly for some.

Scams overlapped?  as we roll down I-20 in Atlanta escape routes are mapped out!! I didnt need GPS, a brotha will use the drum.

Escape routes taken by some increase profits!! per Donald Trump the defense industry mapped out plans from Syria, Iraq to Afghanistan , and even your land..

Erasing doubts; peace from these street prophets per this HumpDay Extravaganza?  oh yes!! beats thump and this good word is dropped after the mothership lands.

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