Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday (What's The Perspective?) PT.2

Once again it's on!! what's the perspective on this a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? 

Minds play tricks on us like Geto Boys in pursuit of pleasure / treasure / toys or just in survival mode;  so how will we play?

Some act brand new with me, they lose their poise like Donald Trump tweeting!! maybe because I'm on a different path and on a different math. 

Some will try to judge us from the bully pulpit or stump because this is a street thing, but dues will be paid per Judgement Day, and I'm not talking about Terminator 2, act like you knew!!  we all feel a different wrath. 

What's up with us? down I-20 in Atlanta we roll on wet streets after not having any rain for forty days and forty nights!! unlike Genesis 7:12 , a different math..

What's the perspective on this a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?  we're clocking the reign that began with a drizzle,  per a different staff!!

What's the perspective on this a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? now a different staff  wants a recount like the election

...Others said they're done / even said they're dead / through with it!! what?  the pursuit of perfection?

 What's up with it? it's the perspective son!  it gets us in trouble every time!!

Incognito said Trouble Doesn't Last Always so we wreck it with the sonic assault per our digital crate digging!! it's something for every mind!

 What it do? digital?  analog?  some will keep hating in all spectrums!!  in need of Tuesday motivation on a so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?

Can you dig it?  O-Dog was even skating on thin ice due to climate change,  in more ways than one per different levels and spectrums!!  now constituents act brand new with me. 

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