Friday, November 04, 2016

Winds Of Change PT. 6 (The Speculation)

Winds of change are blowing, pundits and so called experts speculated; they were chilling out in bully pulpits. 

Running it like CNN or Fox News check the views!! oh yes!! they had their own networks plus websites!!  cyber bullying? oh yes!!  pulling it! 

What?  the caper!!  will it taper off after the 2016 Presidential Election?  I doubt it, as we peep game like a James Webb Space Telescope. 

...Replacing the Hubble;  meanwhile Lou Rawls mentioned a world of trouble!!  now some may lose hope. 

Winds of change are blowing!! seen and unseen dangers are supported by laws that are  local / national  / international and intergalactic. 

Winds of change are blowing!! I'm observing the scene as  Friends or Strangers by Ronnie Laws played in the background;  I kept my eye on a fanatic. 

Winds of change are blowing!! they're back with it!! what?  the speculation used for persuasion!! comrades?  they're paying. 

Winds of change are blowing!! they're back with it!! who?  speculators!! they create false markets from Wall Street to y'alls street!! games they're playing. 
Whatcha knowing?  did deliberate falsehoods spark it? how did some of us act?

Judgements / conclusions made by O-Zone are blended with percussions O-Dog put on the track.

Winds of change are blowing!! some have the knack for survival,  while others still suffer;  a victim of speculation?  some will let you know what it do..

Winds of change are blowing!! some will stay on track, while others get slick with it; sick with it like a pandemic!! see what it do?

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