Monday, November 28, 2016

Taking The Next Step : Hitting The Reset Button PT.8

 Oh yes!!  we have to move forward, might even even to sacrifice!! we're taking the next step / hitting the reset button. 

We're working it all out after getting the machine set; it "ain't nothing nice" when we're  blasting on a punishment glutton. 

...Waking them up with the sonic assault,  they slept in due to too much celebration per the Thanksgiving Weekend!! way too much in Chicago, so whatcha know? they should have did like the Gap Band!!

...They should have got up early in the morning;  now they're fearing / loathing and scorning after they got crept on! caught up in a trap man! 

Caught up in the system / matrix?  not trapping man!! that concept was popularized by these ATL rappers.

 Caught up?  they said I look shady / shifty / suspicious but I fake it because it's easy to "get got"!  it's all love, even though due to elections constituents are polarized and they want a recount!!  please!! it's like being caught up in #ATLtraffic!! I'm not surprised but in pursuit of the prize shady ones will fail to strap us!!

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