Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Taking The Next Step / Hitting The Reset Button PT.9

 Oh yes! I mentioned taking the next step / hitting the reset button.
It's going down but a dude stumbled!! arrested development at the critical stage of development?  playing the role of a punishment glutton? 

What's the mood dude? that's what I was asked;  I was listening to Arrested Development with Tennessee as the bass rumbled in the mothership,  as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific. 

...It's hot like Gatlinburg and the rest of Tennessee,  but reality humbled a dude;  it was rude!!  now,  Louisville / Newburg default settings?  a brotha will hit it! 

What? the reset button!! that's what's up son! from the ATL to Johannesburg,  from Pluto to Mars I deal with it!! astrologers say it's  per this new moon in Sagittarius. 

It ain't hard to tell per Nas,  that the drama will follow us!!  from Charlotte / Mecklenburg down state to Charleston per Dylan Roof as  jokers act nefarious. 

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