Monday, November 07, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Weekend Wrap Up)

Its another edition of these I-20 Chronicles, as I respond to these and those; this is the weekend wrap up,  I started writing this on Saturday. 

...Now Monday Morning has caught up with us; on Saturday you could have caught up with us over here in Decatur, South Dekalb Malling!! like Do or Die Po Pimping?    is that how I play?

Naw cousin!!   wishing it was a simple thing, not balling due to economic circumstances but still making advances!! a dude had to pray..

..Of course circumstances are debatable;  being built or torn down?  please!! per Clinton or Trump I'll have to play it either way.
Due to devil dances society will hate on a bro!! but I mentioned the atmosphere shifting /  plus the Winds of Change ,  blowing fresh air is on the way. 

Due to devil dances? priorities are shifting per Scorpio Season!! word from Eddie Henderson with Scorpio Libra!! let the music play!!
I continue to play I-20 in Atlanta per these Chronicles as I respond to these and those!! what? Nathan Shady Dealing hitting up us "colored people" with fear and loathing plus scorning!! standing in the way of progress!

Armor and shield per  Ephesians 6:10-18 is rocked but back in the day it was pimp gear from South Dekalb Mall that was worn!! I guess it was part of the learning process.

Naysayers want us to yield; they say stop the press!!  but per Clinton e-mails it's just a bunch of lies anyway!! hustles are knocked,  you should know how they play!!  from CNN to Fox News and others. 

Say your prayers was the word on the curb at the Sunday morning meeting from pimp gear rocking preachers!! Alt shift delete?  the matrix architects process was all about bringing Mo Better Blues to brothas. 

What could I say to those players at South Dekalb Mall that ran up in Macy's trying to pull a caper? mall security was in an uproar!! walkie talkies we're blaring, full of static!!

I couldn't say anything, they played us like lames even though we're true to the game!! True To Atlanta like the Hawks slogan? naw!! I'm not from here!! fools act too erratic!!  

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