Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WTF (Whats That Foolishness) PT.4

Episodes go down, maybe like Trump elected president!!  now some are asking WTF or what's that foolishness?

Information overloads prevented limelight basking!! some are in over their head!! methods weren't failsafe, out there where the old or new school is. 

Meanwhile drug overlords were caught out there like Joaquín Guzmán AKA El Chapo, in the hood standing on the corner eating spicy hot Grippo chips rinsing them down with the forty ounce.

.....that's in the brown bag as they jumped into the old school Chevy Camaro,  rolling down Broadway in Louisville listening to Roger and Zapp;  more bounce to the ounce.
...pursued by LMPD, it's going down!!  damn!! reality will drag us into this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday based on our perspective; some will be in need of Tuesday Motivation...

It's going down, but these Tuesday Thoughts were scattered; my people weren't at ease!! it seemed like the Trump election gave some citizens a Licence To Ill like Beastie Boys, check the ploys!! more hating!!

..After being bruised and battered these thoughts are randomly selected / then perfected, but  those that hate we're asking WTF/ what's that foolishness?  is that how it goes down in mamby pamby land,  where the golden rule is? damn!! it rough out here!!

Thought and fashion police couldn't relate!!  in some spectrums they said we shouldn't be here!!  But Winds of Change Are Blowing So Where Do We Go From Here? please!! we'll take it there!!

Please!! we're Moving Forward, even though we'll face more than mannequin challenges realizing how foul the atmosphere is per the Atlanta Forest Fire Smoke!!  I can see lights in the distance, out there!!

Oh yes! we're Moving Forward after asking WTF (What's That Foolishness);  I can see the smoke is about to clear, 

Its rough out here on the front lines of spiritual warfare!!  I'm asking myself  WTF  /  What's That Foolishness?

Now I take it there!! answering the question I heard; they asked me what's the mood dude? I'll show these constituents what the next school is...

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