Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Derailment (Part Three)

 We’re pulling up with another HumpDay Extravaganza, we’re just doing our due diligence. 

Trying to get over the hump? that’s the business, some will understand a brotha out here trying to make a difference!

We’re out here dealing with the belligerence, some of it leading to democracy’s derailment!

Naysayers claim this is borderline belligerence so I guess we’re fighting fire with fire; or maybe it’s like a doctor taking his own medicine. 

Unlike a drug dealer high on his own supply, then to supply chain members he’ll lie when the money comes up short!

Scamming like Trump and Devin Nunes with Truth Social? a bootleg Twitter? coming up short in the sport!

Leading to a derailment? I can see that train coming down the track, mentioned by Ed Garland, an attorney for Ray Lewis when he was in trouble down here in Atlanta. 

The derailment? I’m looking at it as Trump keeps criming with no consequences from Merrick Garland; but per these Federalist Society operatives there’s nothing new about this, I’m peeping game from way down here in Atlanta! 

Me? based on Louisville / Newburg Garland street default settings I'm not sleeping in the game, the train of thought is rolling but the situation is the opposite of an ivory tower resident.

Still working it all out, one step forward and two back; I’ve had a derailment or two, down here in Atlanta Georgia with red clay on my white Nikes, patience tested. Still working it all out, I even waited in the dark shunning daylight, chilling out listening to Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay accepting blessings of the night! Still going all out! the train of thought is rolling but being realistic, it’ll run off the rails leading to a derailment plus some aren’t right; spotted the devious smile, so I took flight.

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