Monday, February 14, 2022

The Tables Turned (Part Ten)

 The deal went sideways, now glances received  were sideways! it’s not all love because it’s Valentines Day!

The tables turned, sage and incense were burned but to the  prevailing spirit it had no say. 

The arch nemesis?  their actions were at play, they’ll need to be expelled from the premises!

AKA fortress; complex? on this Monday morning or actually any day?   like the Cincinnati Bengals we’re finding out that’s how the sport is!

The tables turned, manipulated by the Grandmaster Dr. Dre at the Super Bowl halftime show or even the DJ O-Dizzle! but at the moment rocking beats of gilded stillness; silence. 

Chilling out away from those that hated, plotting and scheming like Russia vs Ukraine! in my studio / chamber; no havoc / anger I’m trying to maintain;  peace? it’s on automatic pilot!

The tables turned, O-Dizzle hooked up Love Has Come Around by Donald Byrd per Valentines Day but the word on the curb said it’s dressed in lust and thorns. 

That ship turned  / cut the corner / pulled up on a fortress with the daughter of chaos talking mess / blowing horns. 

The fable was heard, what’s learned? signals? they’ll  scramble /  jumble!  out in those streets players will scramble then fumble,  finding out what the real is.

The tables turned; peace or havoc a byproduct?  check the conduct, only the streets know what the deal is. 

The unstable learned, back in the day?  "everybody ain’t able"  was also learned; knowledge dropped by the old sister. 

The tables turned, back in the way after the karma returned? what goes around comes around was also the knowledge dropped by the old sister!

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