Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Ready To Roll ; We’re On Our Way!! (Part One)

Your dude is laying in the cut on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; right now I'm just observing the scene!

Whats the attitude? it’s rough out here! jokers like Trump can commit multiple offenses and still walk the streets and talk junk at rallies while some are locked up for lessor offenses out here! not just in the ATL where OutKast said everybody is fresh and clean! 

Whats the attitude?  I've seen, heard, and been through too much for my own damn good!

Whats the attitude? please!! all around me the vibe was corporate but I was too damn hood!

Which is a good thing, so now we’re ready to roll, we’re on our way! jokers were like greetings!  welcome to the void!

That’s what I was told per being ready to roll / when we slid through the portal feeling the void..

..during the ongoing battles out here per this spiritual warfare! there’s no love out here, Careless Whispers by Wham with George Michael is not heard! The weak? they’re overcompensating with big trucks, AR-15s and other weaponry from Daniel Defense check the circumstance; somebody might get hurt!

Meanwhile we continue to put in work, we’re ready to roll / we’re on our way! dropping the sound and this good word adding our two cents with limited returns on our investments even though we're blessed by it / even the last dollar in my pocket had blue ink on it.
Damn! what’s the deal with it? its probably from that leaking Dollar Tree ink pen. It’s used when these scattered thoughts are transmitted to the loose leaf; after I do the math / do the knowledge / think on it. Ready to roll, we’re on our way! a naysayer will say it’s borderline belligerent! but of course, but it’s on once again!

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