Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Filling In The Blanks..........

................a brotha is going in..............

A brotha is Going In...somebody has to fill in the blanks..

Stagnant waters we were flowing in; but blessed..to the Lord we give thanks..

God has blessed us; Sonic Assault on those that stress us; the funk stanks..we're Armed and Dangerous..

Some confessed to us; they were doing the dirty work...devil's advocates..

Tried to get back with us; holla at us; after things got dirty and grimy...

But I Was Just Passing Through; like Brenda Russell..Get There..in the hooptie...on a plane or bus is where you'll find me....

You'll get thrown under the bus..don't try to get there on a boat..Israelis will intercept it..

Don't get to long winded...watch your subject..or play it like Rick Warren..audience not receptive...

Don't try to get deceptive...like Blagojevich..asking for a fight...filling Obama Senate seat..

Meanwhile...these brothas are Going In.O-Zone will mic check it; O-Dog has the beat..

Just another sad love song like Toni Braxton? or it ends happily ever after? greatest love story a hoax?even Oprah got tricked again!!

We're in it now up to our necks; is this what we get for Going In?

It's All Good; we just cash these Reality Checks..and keep on pushing..

But we're not rushing; cruising like Smokie Robinson ; without the Miracles..

Filling in the blanks; to the Lord we give thanks; in our lives he's performed miracles..