Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Montgomery Brothers ~ Far Wes

Sunday Jazz Continues….a hip hop fanatic…into drum and bass, dubstep, funk, rock..reggae…whatever…

But this is classic material here!! 

Checking out  The Montgomery Brothers with a track called Far Wes.

This is from the Montgomeryland Sessions Recorded in Los Angeles, California, April 18, 1958.

This album features the Montgomery Brothers…Wes Montgomery – Guitar ..Buddy Montgomery – Piano  and Monk Montgomery – Bass …..with help from Harold Land – Tenor Sax and Tony Bazley – Drums…Check them they put it down…
The Montgomery Brothers ~ Far Wes | Whats Really Going On?

Bobby Hutcherson - Mtume

 Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out  vibes  player Bobby Hutcherson  with his track called Mtume. This is from his Head On album. 
Trumpeter/flügelhornist Oscar Brashear, saxophonist Harold Land, electric pianist William Henderson, drummer Stix Hooper, and bassist Reggie Johnson,  are among the many others who helped him on this project. Check it out!  

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Bobby Hutcherson - Mtume

Joe Sample ‎– Carmel

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out one of my favorite keyboard players Crusaders protege Joe Sample ..with his classic cut Carmel...from his album of the same name!! Check out the players and the track!!

Roy Ayers – Change Up The Groove

Sunday Jazz Continues…as we put it down like this!! We’re gonna Change Up The Groove per Roy Ayers..
He has some help with it….check out the players and the track…
Roy Ayers – Change Up The Groove | Whats Really Going On?

Mongo Santamaria - Cloud Nine

 Sunday Jazz conjunction with some digital crate digging!! Checking out Latin jazz percussionist Mongo Santamaria with his version of the Temptations Cloud Nine!!
This is not the original version ...which is only 3 minutes long. Research indicates that it was remixed during a Red Bull Music Academy seminar!! They did a good job on it!! check it out!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Mongo Santamaria - Cloud Nine

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Courtney Pine - The 37th Chamber (Flytronix Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues.....jazz meets hip hop..with a taste of drum and bass / electro..
...checking out Courtney Pine with The 37th Chamber (Flytronix Mix)   ....nice!!! check it out!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Courtney Pine - The 37th Chamber (Flytronix Mix)

Some Are Still Waiting In The Dark

Jokers were still waiting in the dark….they said they were following a hunch!

Jokers were still hating!!  gamblers were out for a fast buck…peeping game…..consumer spending rising..but there’s no free lunch..

Jokers were still debating about how they can gaffle the masses…like G8 and G20?  numbers they crunch!

Ramblers off at the mouth get paid a fast buck…..check the information overload..but soon baffled after getting hit upside the head!!  soon they receive a punch…

….actually they’ll receive a bunch of them…getting whats coming to them? that’s what they’ll get for snitching or whistle blowing!

But karma chameleons hit up civilians too!! collateral damage in the ongoing spiritual warfare!!  but I continue to go there..I was going for what I was knowing!

Check out the rest of this article at...Some Are Still Waiting In The Dark | Whats Really Going On?

'Summer Chords' Electro House Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this 'Summer Chords' Electro House Mix.....mixed by Rameses B from the the Sheepy Mixes courtesy of the Mr Suicide Sheep channel on You Tube..

Check it out at...Random Thoughts From A Brotha: 'Summer Chords' Electro House Mix

GQ Podcast : Dirty Electro Mix & I.Y.F.F.E Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...Saturday afternoon as I post this...I'm in a laid back and rowdy mood. The demeanor shifts from one to the other....

Checking out this Going Quantum aka  GQ Podcast : Dirty Electro Mix & I.Y.F.F.E  (pronouced "Eye-Fee" )  Guest Mix....

Something tells me after this mix the rowdy part of my demeanor will be in full control!! check out the track list and the mixes... 

00:00 I.Y.F.F.E - Jurassic [Monstercat]
02:57 Charlie Darker, Paris & Simo - Cairo [Kindergarten]
04:41 Electric Joy Ride & Galaksi -- Dynamite Moon Zombies [Prime Dub]
08:31 Antichrist - Too Damn High (Digital Switchover Remix) [Bonerizing Records]
09:31 Acetronik - Two Worlds [Big Fish Recordings]
11:45 J-Trick & Reece Low Feat. Blissando - Higher Ground (Jebu Remix) [Club Cartel Records]
14:14 Hot Shit! & DJ Dejan Manojlovic - Housebreakers (Denny Ray Remix) [SHAX TRAX]
16:15 Antoine Becks - Life Of The Wild [Radikal Records]

17:27 I.Y.F.F.E - Mermaids (Radio Edit) [Unreleased]
18:40 Carvar & Clock - Miskatonik [Unreleased]
20:10 Protostar - Scorpion Pit [Forthcoming Monstercat]
23:00 Au5, Auratic, I.Y.F.F.E - Lucky (Cascadia Remix) [Adapted Records]
24:50 Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E - French Cigarette [Funky Element]
26:40 Subshock & 1uP - Jump Off [Free Download]
29:10 Cenob1te - Onslaught [Rottun Records]
30:53 Critical - Punchline (Nom De Strip Remix) [Eletroshok Records]
32:14 Dirt Monkey - Hurt so Good (Ishe Remix) [Play Me Records]
33:35 Protostar & MakO - No Fire [Forthcoming Monstercat]
34:25 12th Planett & Flinch - The End Is Near pt.1 [Smog]
36:17 Dino Safari - Breakspeed (Audeka Remix) [Adapted Records]
36:47 Quanguin - Trouble (Tom Budin Remix) [Free Download]
38:00 Dino Safari - Ghost Named Charlie (VIP) [Wipe Me Down Records]
39:01 Au5, Auratic, I.Y.F.F.E - Lucky (HOVERBOOTS Remix) [Adapted Records]

Friday, March 29, 2013

Doing The Knowledge / Business As Usual

Were out here doing the knowledge..this is business as usual... the prophets were letting me know what it do! 

There's no information overload...some of the knowledge was secret so I'm discrete with it... acting like I knew! 

Street with it!! following the code...this is based on Louisville / Newburg default settings..its a hood thing! 

Its not my fault history is repeating!! like North Korea was flexing!!  purposes?  a brotha is not defeating!!  its gotta be a good thing! 

A joker was talking about a knock on wood thing...please!!  even when in Lagos Black Jesus was crucified..letting you know God is in the blessing business! 

A joker was stalking!! something about catching up on his pimping ...then expected God to bless his business! 

....Like a shady Wall Street stock broker and corporate CEO stressing a business like Bain Capital!! then cash out when it goes under! 

Jokers were shady down on y'all's street!!  real estate investors flipped houses!! but buyers had no capital..check the foreclosure!! now neighborhoods go under! 

Meanwhile I continue flying below the radar like drones used by the police /government; but I keep doing the knowledge! 

Meanwhile I continue healing the scars..please!! I was out there!! but I kept on running!! the mothership gets good mileage! 

Knowing how foul it can get!!  some think its a joke like Tony Danza! 

Knowing how foul it can get!! jokers keep score like Adam Lanza! 

As we move on to the next stanza...who understands the brotha when I drop this breakbeat science? 

After doing the knowledge realizing how foul it is!!  dealing with these dangerous minds!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dubstep Mix : Pegboard Nerds

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this Dubstep Mix from a Scandinavian electronica duo called  the Pegboard Nerds  .

This is an exclusive Dubstep Mix for the Panda Mix Show. Check out the track list and the mix..

Pegboard Nerds – Self Destruct
Pegboard Nerds – Close Encounter
Pegboard Nerds – Rocktronik
Pegboard Nerds – Lawless
Pegboard Nerds – Fire in the Hole
Pegboard Nerds – Bun Dem (Remix)
Pegboard Nerds – 20K
Pegboard Nerds – Pressure Cooker
MSD featuring Jillian Ann – Quiet Riot (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected
Krewella – Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
Pegboard Nerds – Revenge of the Nerds

Dubstep Mix : Pegboard Nerds | Whats Really Going On?

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - One In A Million (Official Video)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some drum and bass from Drumsound & Bassline Smith - One In A Million (Ft. Fleur) (Official Video)...check them out!!
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Drumsound & Bassline Smith - One In A Million (Official Video)

Check The Status PT.3 (Concepts Are Revisited)

Looking at the sports page...New York Times or Washington Post..I checked the statistics! 

Winning streaks like Miami's come to an some want to say Lebron is whining...what's the deal with it? 

Weaknesses are exploited..even Spamhaus is denied service...contracts are null / voided...whose real with it? 

Word from a veteran in these sports!!  missions?  some hope a brotha aborts!! that's what the status is! 

The apparatus states that everything is on the up and up!! check the stock market!

 But the masses are still struggling; word from Cyprus!! check the status;  letting you know how being in between a rock and a hard place can get!

War between the classes?  the hard rock made the hard face!! part of the ATL car jacking crew?

We go there!! conducting classes..those that were tripping? with the Blackjack..were jacking you! 

Checked the Elaborate Fantasy? some were constructing or building classics? even big homie was showing me what macking will do!!  he was catching up on his pimping! 

Checked the status.....its rough out here;  this is not a simple thing!

Check the we bounce / pimp through this thing in Nike Air Force Ones like its nothing but actually it is.. 

Check the we continue to drop sounds and this good word ..putting it down like Russian forces..with Black Sea military exercises...

It Goes Down…

Facing opposition…some crushed this or that!!  another persons dreams are shattered!

Some flushed it all down the toilet!!  like drug dealers during the raid…said they were paid!!  so it never really mattered!

Some trusted it…the system…now bruised and battered like running up against  the gauntlet…

…Like the Baltimore Ravens per Ed Reed and Ray Lewis!  check the bumps and bruises for those that fronted and flaunted..

Check the rest of this article at....It Goes Down… | Whats Really Going On?

The Construction Site PT.3

Its going down!! were rocking hardhats and uniforms with our names stitched on the front of them;  were at the construction site!                  

Surrounded by yellow caution / crime scene Dekalb County Georgia authorities set up NYPD stop and frisk; brothas and sistas? they'll front on them...supposedly no escape from this corruption site! 

Check the sound from this "goodfella" ..its Gotta Be Good!! its on again!!  corrupt with this insight when in this mode?  the system knocks the hustle! 

Its going down!! but facing doubts like the Cyprus banking system; was an elaborate fantasy built using this mental muscle

Its going down!! but the system interrupts us...its usually with their regular scheduled programming... progress is impeded...leading to cost over runs! 

The system corrupts stressed out!! paying the price...but calculated the cost; now fighting back with the drums!

Check out the rest of this article at...Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Construction Site PT.3

Subject To The Authority PT.7 / Check Out How It Goes Down

Damn!! it goes down!! now look; its like denial of service attacks against Spamhaus Project Ltd., soon were subject to the authority! 

Damn!! it goes down!! some were like Oscar Pistorius..ego tripping!! soon were all subjects of drama royalty! 

A Negro is tripping!!  that's what they said when I objected to things in this hostile territory; whose for or against us? like Kardashians or American Idols....subjects or topics were irrelevant! 

Part of an Elaborate Fantasy that was a Negro aka black man is flipping this knowledge; but I acknowledge an earthling won't be benevolent! 

The devil can get all up in the details!! understand me? check the fine print in the contract...they're hoping one fails;  now check the information overload! 

The coping strategy fails!! especially when the buster or mark signed the contract..they tried to be like Joaquin Guzman...a drug overlord! 

Soon going or wanting to go overboard!! like they were on a Cardinal cruise ship! 

Subject to the authority in hostile territory like in Lexington!!  jokers were hoping the Louisville Cardinals lose it! 

Subject to the authority!! those with so called power like in Syria abuse it!!  then it all falls apart!

 Subject to the authority!! check the mass wonder what one with so called power calls a heart!

Another balls up in the sport!! but winning streaks come to an end just like Miami's 

...Soon subject to the authority...some might understand these clearance rack epiphanies... 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth of Cool

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....a bruh is just cooling out. Things have been kind of hectic lately. 
You can call this the Rebirth of Cool per the DJ Cam Quartet!! check them out!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth of Cool

Dinah Washington - Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Rae & Christian Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...haven't posted up much recently. Chilling with Moms as she "fights through" an illness.

Moms was the one who got me started on this music thing. I remember thumbing through the vinyl she and Pops had...old Nat King Cole, Fats Dominoe and Dinah Washington. 

Found this cut  by Dinah Washington called Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Rae & Christian Remix)

Not the traditional way it was done, but Moms appreciates innovation...check this out!!


Regular Scheduled Programming

Jokers are subject to the authority….like the Supreme Court vs gay marriage;  they are victimized by the regular scheduled programming!

Jokers are subjects of drama royalty!! drinking the kool aid and food manufactured by genetic engineering!

Elaborate Fantasies fall apart..the joke was on some are loathing and fearing… making a run on banks in Cyprus?  as the prosecution objects to the defense attorneys motions!

The machine broke on us!! Manny Moe and Jack can’t fix it!!! check the persecution..some have weak defenses…now showing emotions! 
Regular Scheduled Programming | Whats Really Going On?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Heard What Was Said / Jokers Should Shut Up and Play

 Please!! I heard what was said!! like North Korea flexing..players need to shut their mouth and just play the game!

Some brag and boast!! check the scenario...said they were / had the next big thing...but soon they say prayers..after getting caught up in the game! 

My aura has protective layers on it!! once the software was hacked!

Like the Wells Fargo we drop this insight..check the smoke and mirrors connected to the capers;  gamblers out for a fast buck have the cards stacked!

Smoke signals from the conclave indicated Pope Francis is on the scene; whats heard or seen? how far can we go?  I hope no one slacked!

Smoke and fog like East Tennessee make it hard to see..but broken beats and English was our response; they say this con misbehaves ...after some were smacked! 

Check out the rest of this article at..............

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Heard What Was Said / Jokers Should Shut Up and Play

Moving Forward / Now Whats Next?

As we proceed and continue; we were caught up in traffic like I-285 in Atlanta...or on smoke filled I-75 in East Tennessee...but now were moving forward! 

True indeed!! smoke and mirrors? we try to see was hard on the vehicle!! lights blink on the instrument panel!! expecting delays, issues, and problems; as we move forward! 

True indeed!! dealing with Bosco Ntaganda / Congo warlord "Terminator" style jokers!! but they haven't broke us...meanwhile a coward will turn around and go back home!!! but I've got places to go and people to see! 

Local, international, and even SpaceX Dragon I trip out then splash down to earth...I told a Roscoe style fanatic no telling where they might see me! 

Then others said they see me when I don't see them!! its just like North Korea flexing....they sweat the swag or steelo!

 ...checking the scenario...that's how it is!! whistle blowers try to sweat a fly Negro!

 But they can't keep up with this flow!! moves are made!! but not trying to be stiff like DL Hughley on Dancing With The Stars! 

Moves are made!!  on to the next!! but  it's ugly!! like the new Secret Service boss  Julia Pierson were dealing with the riff raff !! as frick and frack try to raise the bars! 

Moves are made!!  on to the next!!  I had the knack for this survival thing! 

Moving forward!!  O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live!!  doing the damn thing! 

Its all the way live like Lakeside!! damn!! check out the damn thing!! influenced by the Mars Sun Uranus conjunction in Aries!

As it opposes Pluto...but we know how it go...fake is how some ride!! Cyndi Lauper true colors revealed; whose fair with these?

Monday, March 25, 2013

I Dipped For A Minute

 I dipped for a minute...rolling down I-75 towards Louisville by way of Lexington... Getaway by Earth Wind and Fire played in the background! 

Witnessed the Cardinal takeover.. for the fake? it's over!! stayed a step ahead of these fools....I knew how they would play; battles?  were winning...then I dipped;  I didn't back down! 

Usually dipping down I-20 in Atlanta....rolling up!! I didn't turn the track down!! O-Dog's funk was thumping in the hooptie!

The devil tried to attack the family up in the Ville..its real...but I  didn't let these fools run me;  now I'm on I-75 in Lexington..I put my mack down!! even though Kentucky state authorities were trumping up charges;  I'm found where the sword of truth will be!

The burden of proof was on me!! some people have sold out..a jury of my so called peers showed skepticism!

 I'm working it out after God worked it out...he ordered my steps per Anointed1 Appointed1 ...but I know how the joint will get..I was considered arrogant and aloof;  haters were heard saying we hope the drama gets the best of him!

Check out the rest of this article at..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Dipped For A Minute

The I-65 / I-75 Chronicles PT.2 / The Return Engagement

Had a minute or composing these I-65 / I-75  Chronicles! check how I respond to these and those..I went back in the same way that I left; this is the return engagement! 

I didn't come back empty handed...dropping breakbeat science on the masses when the mothership landed....but like Afghanistan I had to fight for what I have;  haters ignored the rules of engagement! 

Whats up man? ...those fools were flagrant like Evan Spencer Ebel in Texas..fouling!!  no Prague or Geneva Convention principles! 

Schools of thought were answers are vague non believers dipped down I-65 in Nashville in the Lexus...but jokers  showed no conventional wisdom..not even Atlanta school Principals! 

Fools thought catching up on their pimping was the answer they played like Herman Cain! 

...The whole game was shady...check the smoke and mirrors; smoky like mountains in East Tennessee per 1610 radio... I heard others were in pain! 

No pain no gain was the cliche or slogan for those trying to get open!! word from the brotha from Ohio...spotted on I see they're broke down! 

Caught out there in the rain / reign...on I-75 between Knoxville and Atlanta..but I'm staying in my lane;  check the return engagement... didn't fake it with this good word / plus beats are broken...check the sound!

Its going down!!  it's gotta be good...just like that!! Mystic Voyages are taken from Pluto to Mars; back down to earth in the ATL or Louisville!

Its going down!!  check the return engagement...trying to get back on top like Tiger Woods....but a hater discourages..but we already knew the deal! 

Its going down!! the return engagement...but its tight in these hoods!! the money is funny like in Cyprus...not excited by this!!  fouls were flagrant when we drove the lane!!  like we were hit by Metta World Peace! 

Its going down!! back in the ATL we fight through this.. check the return engagement;  Las Vegas bets are placed for a this world there's no justice or no peace!

Friday, March 22, 2013

GQ Podcast : Liquid Drum & Bass Mix & KATFYR Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the GQ Podcast (Going Quantum)  This is a Liquid Drum & Bass Mix & with a KATFYR Guest Mix.

Check out the track list and the mix .....

00:00 Rameses B - Meaning of Life [Self Release]
03:23 In-Deed - I Need You So [Free DL]
06:00 Skyweep - Light Of Day (feat. Sunset Cafe & Katie Epworth) (Mage Remix) [Plush Recordings]
10:22 This Chris - You're My [Plush Recordings]
12:13 Artificial Intelligence & Command Strange - Won't Say Goodbye (feat. Tali) [V Recordings]
14:05 This Chris - Framed [Plush Recordings]
15:55 Shivaxi - Just Maybe (feat. Gizella) [Plush Recordings]

21:24 KATFYR - Green Hill (Original Mix) [TBA]
24:53 KATFYR - Binary (Original Mix) [TBA]
29:15 Secret Wish - Ivory Tower (KATFYR Remix) [Sounds United]
33:36 KATFYR - Just Bounce (Original Mix) [TBA]
36:07 Emma Hewitt - Rewind (KATFYR Remix) [Armada]
39:22 Emma Hewitt - Foolish Boy (KATFYR Remix) [Armada]
41:26 Karetus - Wicked (KATFYR Remix) [TBA]
45:24 KATFYR - Here We Go (Original Dub Mix) [TBA]

Bernie Worrell, DJ Logic, Freekbass (Headtronics) – Billie Jean

Digital Crate Digging Continues..always looking for that obscure /  under the radar stuff.

Checking out  P Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell,  with Headtronics (DJ Logic,  and Freekbass )  with their rendition of Michael Jackson’s  Billie Jean. Live at River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains, PA August 8, 2010…..Funky Fresh!! Check them out!!

Bernie Worrell, DJ Logic, Freekbass (Headtronics) – Billie Jean | Whats Really Going On?

Marcus Miller - "What is Hip" with DJ Logic [HD] -...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Marcus Miller - "What is Hip" with DJ Logic [HD] -...: Digital Crate Digging Continues...still in the jazz / funk spectrum...with a taste of hip hop. Checking out Marcus Miller's version of ...

Lenny White - Struttin'

Digital Crate Digging a jazz funk mood. Checking out  some jazz / funk / rock from Lenny White with Struttin' from his Streamline album. 

Check out the players and the track....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Roland Kirk – Fly by Night

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out Roland Kirk (Pre Rahsaan) and a cut  called Fly By Night!!  off of his debut album Atlantic called The Inflated Tear..

Beside Mr Kirk on the woodwinds such as flutes, saxophones etc… check out the other players and the track..

…….pianist Ron Burton, bassist Steve Novosel, and drummer Jimmy Hopps

Check them out!!
Roland Kirk – Fly by Night | Whats Really Going On?

Take It To The Ozone / Freddie Hubbard

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some classic jazz / funk from Freddie Hubbard with a track called Take It To The O-Zone...which him and the players do a good job of doing!! check them out!!
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Take It To The Ozone / Freddie Hubbard

Lights Blink On The Instrument Panel PT.2

Rolling on the mothership out in the galaxy; like asteroids headed to earth... but soon lights blink on the instrument panel!

 Similar to the check engine or low fuel lights in the hooptie!! soon trapped in the Lions Den like Daniel!

 Dealing with these new type gangsters!! in business suits!!  no Converse, khakis, and flannel like the gangs of LA! 

....Even they upgraded rocking White Tees and Air Force Ones's all game...but quarterbacks will call a reverse;  check the play!

 So how will we play? all about peace like Obama in the Mideast!!  landing on earth with these monkey ass jokers over here in Decatur Georgia! 

....misunderstanding me because I'm not from around these parts!! but know about the drama from the West to the East...and all points in between...a hater will try to start with ya! 

Lights blink on the instrument panel...a reflection of our condition? whose playing a part in the ongoing chaos and mayhem on earth? 

Players were playing and hustlers were hustling!! from the ATL to Hollywood to Las Vegas..from Pakistan to Damascus...meanwhile I'm exercising my mental muscle;  seeing what its all worth! 

I'm praying and cursing at the same lights blink on the instrument panel!!  the rebirth of the drama? 

Sneaking up like St Louis Billikens in the NCAA;  others were cool like Tommy Bahama! 

Whats the deal with them? please!! Leaking vehicles were like the NAACP checking Nathan Shady Deal for drama in Dekalb County! 

Slick like oil and transmission fluid;  live is how were transmitting to ya..funky is how the sound will be!




Building An Elaborate Fantasy (WordPress Edition)s Really Going On?

The umpire made your dude flip!! he  called me out on strikes!!  he said its Gotta Be Good…the pitch wasn’t even over the plate!

Haters conspire; now the empire strikes back..but they were broke like Cyprus... now I switch strategies; soon getting over the hate!

A slick talker was getting over in the debate!! trying to excite us!!  spinning an Elaborate Fantasy!
A slick stalker was supposedly catching up on his pimping…but saying the world doesn’t understand him / me!

I was on a collision course with this world like asteroids…where did the mothership land me?  on this forsaken planet called earth!
Check out the rest of this article at....Building An Elaborate Fantasy (WordPress Edition) | Whats Really Going On?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Milt Jackson Poom-A-Loom

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some classic jazz from Milt Jackson wth a song called Poom-A-Loom. 

This is on that smooth tip!! Check out the players and the track...

 Milt Jackson -- vibes
Kenny Dorham, - trumpet
Tommy Flanagan - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Connie Kay - drums

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Milt Jackson Poom-A-Loom


 Random Thoughts are in the HOV or express lane;  its like I'm rolling in the hooptie! 

Rolling out!! reckless abandon down I-20 in Atlanta!! who will understand a bruh? some act like they know me...then they try to stress...because I'm usually where the truth will be! 

Acting brand new with them? rolling like Obama in Jerusalem? I don't abandoned me like Rose Royce; I didn't know the mothership would land me in a forsaken place! 

Stranding me on earth; coping strategies fail them...these earthlings; they'll play geopolitical games like Cyprus..whats it all worth?  fakes try to tell me when they get in my face! 

Not excited by this...they had a trace of alcohol or weed on their you know thoughts were cloudy! 

Part of the ongoing smoke and mirrors show...whatcha know? reckless with the conversation!! they might even get rowdy! 

Check the rest of this article at....Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Reckless

Going Back The Way I Came In

.....Went off in a new direction...please!! we can blame it on the Vernal Equinox..even though O-Dog rocks...I'm going back the way I came in!

 Road rage made some go off at the intersection!!  spotted when I was going back in...I noticed like Robert Griffin III others try to play in the game again! 

Old age? young age? some step away from the game...some stick around like Tony Gonzalez...

Some stepped in the way of oncoming traffic!! like on I-285 in Atlanta....death wish like Charles Bronson?  they crash and burn!! I guess its on me to bear witness to what foul is!

....So the dial is set on the time machine; I press the on I-65 headed back to Louisville! 

Could keep rolling on up to Indianapolis to see the Ville in the NCAA tourney...even though Obama picked Indiana I'm hoping the Cards can keep it real....

Going back the way I came with this...not going back to Indiana like the Jacksons..this is a different deal.. 

So the swagger or style is set; check the way I wasn't affected much by ATL shenanigans;  I was able to keep it real! 

....So the joker with the dagger making foul / shady moves like using chemical weapons in Syria was spotted wheeling and dealing! 

The Wall Street stock broker made foul / shady moves!! so did little in homie in Gwinnett County;  check the the shoe game?  its all how you feeling?

Alt shift delete is a haters mission..per foul / shady moves made by Nathan Shady Deal in Dekalb County...its all game...and the whole game is shady;  so how you feeling? 

The Lord will lift us up to where we belong!!  so I went back the way I came..knowing it was the real thing!

Finding A Portal To Slide Through (The WordPress Edition)

A fanatic asked me whats the dizzle with danger zone living?  please!!  like the crisis in Cyprus the money was funny…I thought they already knew!

They were back with it!! a joker was rolling up talking crazy..acting like TJ Lane..they were in pain..but acting like they knew!

They were back with it!  said they had a plan..catching up on their pimping  was the mission but just stalking!! they’re crazy!!  something about gorilla pimping!

But they were back with it!! now  yellow crime scene tape and white chalking is going down after the Sonic Assault;  check  the  revolutionary  type guerilla pimping!

Check out the rest of this article at...Finding A Portal To Slide Through (The WordPress Edition) | Whats Really Going On?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best of Trap Music Vol. 8

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this trap music mix from DJL4  called the Best of Trap Music Vol. 8. 

Check out the track list and the mix!!  

 Dreams. - BoB Ya Head

Ignant - MUD

Crookers & RVBRA - Pop That (Mr. Vega remix)

Ignant - GuWop

Afrojack feat. Gregor Salto - Ill be there (J-LAH remix)

TIGERjunes - Bring it!

A$AP Ant- 3FLIPS6 Ft. Remy Banks & Zombie Juice

$yrup - LES GO

Nightzel - Are You Ready

A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Tuna Melt (Grandtheft remix)

TNGHT - Easy Easy (Custom Bootleg)

Prawler - J-LAH

A$AP Ferg - Werk (GANG$IGN$)

Terravita - Up in The Club (M3H trap edit)

Kaskade - 4 a.m. (Omeguh Trill bootleg)

Frank Ocean - I've been thinking about you (Kj Waddup remix)

Zedd - Shave It (J-LAH remix)


Danny Brown - Witit


Iggy Azalea - Pussy (J-LAH remix)

Rich Boy - Throw some D's (VESTIGE remix)

slw.kng - Some Monster


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Best of Trap Music Vol. 8

Deodato – Skyscrapers

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this classic track from Eumir Deodato  called Skyscrapers. 

This was off his Deodato 2 album. Deodato had the futuristic jazz / funk / rock / Latin soul vibe going!! Most his songs were also trips / marathons....epic!! Check out the players and the track...


Sadao Watanabe – No Problem

Digital Crate Digging Continues…digging deep in the crates for this. Check out Japanese saxophonist Sadao Watanabe and his cut  No Problem. It has a Jazz / Funk / Disco / dance music feel to it…

Check out the players helping him out and the track…

Sadao Watanabe – Sax; Eric Gale – Guitar; Steve Gadd – Drums; Dave Grusin – Keys; Richard Tee – Piano; Anthony Jackson – Bass; Ralph MacDonald – Percussion.

Sadao Watanabe – No Problem | Whats Really Going On?