Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Last Stand

 Its going down!!  making the last big run or push..but is it Custer's Last Stand?

 Napoleon's Waterloo? maybe 41 shots like Amadou....what it do? I heard the engine rattling under the hood...the last time the mothership will land?

 Whatcha knowing man?  too much like Christopher Dorner?  shots from burners smoke you out like in Big Bear!

 Whatcha throwing man?  knuckleballs like Phil Niekro on the outside corner of the plate?  batters say it ain't fair! 

Whats going on per Marvin Gaye?  Negro please!!  from the block or corner to Wall Street to the Las Vegas Strip nothing was fair in love or war! 

Whats really going on?  per my blog..through the Babylon wilderness we jog; in Air Maxes we jump over the bar!

Check out the rest of this article at....Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Last Stand

Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Progress was being made....but losing it due to the sequester? negativity can get the best of ya..I can see were not out of the woods yet! 

Stopping the stress was the Pope Benedict XVI some will step off...but were under lock down...please!!  were not out of these hoods yet! 

Check out how we kick it...not snitching like Bradley Manning; others are stopping the press due to breaking news; rolling like the print media was..a day or two behind! 

Stopping the mess due to jokers faking it?  impeding ya!!! please!! its gotta be good!! but whose really understanding?  check out the uphill struggle...the climb!

 A brotha has lost his mind!! reality breaking it?   those were the accusations that were being met! 

Waiting in the dark?  after being lost in the uphill climb out of the abyss..after choosing to take the assignment! 

Ethan Hunt mission impossible style!! check the Ghost Protocol;  but some look like a pro to y'all..but situations are still foul!! chilling down here in Dekalb County Georgia!

 Crooks are misbehaving!! as the fake ride!! now now we have Brookhaven and soon fantastic voyage like the sound will be..not trying to start with ya!

 ...Like states seceding after Obama won; they wanted no part of ya!! but they're not out of the woods yet! 

Still dipping through the Babylon wilderness...were not out of these hoods yet!

Whatcha on? not at the service desk returning holiday goods yet? soon refunded cash like Syrian rebels will get...

Whatcha on? needing a fresh and fresh vision...not out of these woods yet..check out what were dealing with..


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jill Scott Soulful House Music Mix by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out one of my favorites Jill Scott…remixed with a little house flavor. Remixed by JaBig..

Check out the tracklist and the mix….

It Takes (Jihad Muhammad Remix)
He Loves Me (Jay-J and Chris Lum Mix)
I Think It’s Better (White Label Mix)
Cross My Mind (House Mix)
Wanna Be Loved (Jason B Rmx)
Whatever (Scott Wozniak Remix)
Street Life (Scott Wozniak Remix)
Golden (Jason B Mix)
Crazy (Charles Spencer Mix)
Missing You (House Mix)
Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Remix)

Jill Scott Soulful House Music Mix by JaBig | Whats Really Going On?

Blacksmif Boiler Room London DJ Set

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Blacksmif Boiler Room London DJ Set: Digital Crate Digging Continues....back in the Boiler Room   ...once again!!  We're checking out the Blacksmif Boiler Room London DJ S...

Darryl Reeves - "Donut Man" - The Dillaquarium Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out ATL saxophonist Darryl Reeves with his rendition of  J Dilla's Donut Man....

This is from Mr. Reeves "The Dillaquarium Mixtape" ..EP with his take on Dilla's compositions..

Of course Darryl Reeves band consists of....

Darryl Reeves - Saxophone
Kenny Banks, Jr - Keyboards
Joel Powell - Bass
Kenton Bostick - Drums

Check it out!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Stray - BMTM Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the Blu Mar Ten Podcast...the Stray - BMTM Guest Mix. Stray is representing that  London / Leeds, Britain (UK) area....

Check out the playlist and the mix!!

Riya ft. Zero T - Stolen Moments
>>>(Calibre - Second Sun)
Brian Mcknight - Stay Or Let It Go (Sabre rmx)
Stray - The Pursuit (Zero T Reprint)
Keza & Judda - Where Is It
Amit - Driller Killer
Maurus - Emerald
Nick The Lot - Deepest Thought
Sabre feat. Tuere - Original Sin
Orbit - Eclipse
Halogenix - Atas
Beta 2 - N.O.D
Stray - Contract
Keza - Launchpad
Fracture - The Breaks
>>>(Adam F - Metropolis)
Abstract Elements - Naprimer
Calibre - Plugs
Sabre & Riya - Injustice
Dally - Interlude
Stray & Halogenix - Poison (Fracture's Astrophonica Re-Trap)
Dawn Day Night - Big Booty Girls
Stray - Follow You Around

RuBBeRBuLLeT DnB Mix 17 “Daydreamer”

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this drum and bass mix from Soundcloud‘s  RuBBeRBuLLeT  

….he’s representing that Weiterstadt, Germany area!! check out the playlist and the mix…

Command Strange – Just relax and look at the Sky
Intelligent Manners – She’s Dope
dRamatic & dbAudio – Spend the Night
Random Movement – Dirt Dobber
Intelligent Manners – Brand new Day feat. Iriann Joyce
DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Last Night
Bungle – Astral Travel
S.P.Y – Kiss the Sky
Intelligent Manners – Do it all Night feat. Command Strange & Pouyah
Ella Jones – Lately (Fracture Astrophonica Remix)
Sunny Crimea & Phisycal Illusion – Fading Shadows (Stunna Remix)
Hamilton – Deep in my Heart
Frankee – Firethorn
Enei – Elephants
Subwave – The Mines
Mr Explicit – Danger
Acid_Lab & Scale – Shadows Part II
Mr Explicit – Dread Soldier
DJ Hazard – Proteus

RuBBeRBuLLeT DnB Mix 17 “Daydreamer” | Whats Really Going On?

Rameses B - Pure

 Digital Crate Digging Continues.....checking out Rameses B with his cut called Pure from his upcoming EP of the same name. Nice and smooth!! check it out!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rameses B - Pure

Its Crazy

Checking out how everything is flowing...whatcha knowing?  damn!! its crazy! 

...Mentioned earlier in my combo meal ....please!! Nascar or Daytona 500 fans injured in the crash know the actually it doesn't amaze me! 

Word from Dekalb County school board members clashing with Nathan Shady Deal its crazy out here...that's the deal..but actually some are still lazy / slacking..while I was putting work in! 

....Old school blue collar style with the name on the uniform!! but everything is not working!

 An old fool tried to holla!! like Donny Hathaway.. said everything is everything!! but hurting...the weed and Kentucky brown liquor were part of the medication! 

An old rule is broken...things weren't way!! the weed was synthetic;  plus bath salts were part of the equation! 

Its Crazy!! no joking!!  so what you facing? please!! the devil wasn't sympathetic;  that's the way of the world per Earth Wind and Fire!
 ...Or maybe the Ramsey Lewis version; whichever one is working the that Lights the fire! 

Understand me....act like you knew this!! word from one that will inspire you to deal with it! 

Understand whose in conflict with the world..its crazy; we wonder who'll be real with it?

Understand conflicts rage around the goes down from the Gaza Strip to over in Zimbabwe..

Its going the meantime and between ...a brotha flips this good word and lets the music play....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Charles III / Charles Earland

Digital Crate Digging Continues… conjunction with what I listen to at work; …rough Monday at the j-o-b.     ……first free moment I had? I rushed to the hooptie with the quickness!!

It was a cold day in Atlanta….when I got to my ride I turned the key on..letting the engine warm up. (Well not too long….happened to look down…gas was down to a quarter of a tank)

…..anyway…pressed the button on the old Kenwood CD AM / FM deck….(low budget pimping) …turned to 91.9 WCLK here in Atlanta….

…the sound selector Nicole Sweeney was playing this nice track ..Charles III …by Charles Earland…it sounded so nice? I had to hear it twice….check it out!!

Check out   Charles III / Charles Earland

Gato Barbieri-Granada

 Digital Crate Digging conjunction with what I listen to at work....checking out 91.9 WCLK earlier. Nicole Sweeney put this nice smooth cut on by Gato Barbieri called Granada. It was so nice I had to hear it twice!!
Check out the players and the track:
Gato Barbieri-sax /   Philippe Saisse-keyboards / Dennis Chambers-drums  / Anthony Jackson-bass / Romero Lubambo-guitar  / Jeff Golub-guitar / Cyro Baptista-percussion  / Michael Davis-trombone  /  Jim Hynes-trumpet  / Andy Snitzer-alto sax

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Gato Barbieri-Granada

Darryl Reeves - The Mercury Sessions - Retrograde

Digital Crate Digging the midst of the ongoing Mercury Retrograde Season...we need some type of jazz / funk soundtrack...

Why not get Atlanta saxophonist Darryl Reeves to hold it down for us!! Lets check out Darryl Reeves with a song off his Mercury album called Retrograde....

Kenny Banks on piano....Joel Powell on bass.....and Kenton Bostick on drums....check them out!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flora Purim / Andei (I Walked)

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Flora Purim / Andei (I Walked): Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out vocalist Flora Purim with her song Andei (I Walked)  Ms Purim was a "go-to" back up vocali...

Candido - Jingo (Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Version) remix David Rodriguez Jr

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this classic Latin jazz / house cut from percussionist Candido called Jingo. Remixed by David Rodriguez Jr. Check it out!!

Jack McDuff – Magnetic Feel

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some classic jazz / funk from Jack McDuff with a track called Magnetic Feel…the title track off of his 1975 album.

Check out the all star players with him and this funky track….

Jack McDuff – Magnetic Feel | Whats Really Going On?

Blue Mitchell - Dorado

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Blue Mitchell - Dorado: Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out this classic jazz / funk cut from trumpet player Blue Mitchell called Dorado. He has on guitar Fred...

The Caught Up Mix

 Sunday Jazz Continues….rolling with one of my mixes called the Caught Up mix….the soundtrack for being Caught Up in the madness and total chaos….check it out!!

The Caught Up Mix | Whats Really Going On?

The Sonic Blackjack Mix PT.2 by O-Dog

 Sunday Jazz Continues!!

            ..starting things off with class in session!!! 

                                We're teaching some a lesson with the blackjack!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Sonic Blackjack Mix PT.2 by O-Dog

The Reset Button / Default Settings PT.3..Once Again

Mentioned earlier about hitting the reset button;  now I'm on default settings! 

I was knocked off balance...nobody would work with a bruh!  I tried to reach them but history keeps repeating!

Heavy artillery rocked the palace like the Taliban in Afghanistan!! whats up man? once a self defeating entity..but that won't work so I pushed the green button! 

Whats up man? now I'm back on that Louisville / Newburg stuff;  some know what I mean..another might say it ain't nothing! 

They should know something about it if they did the knowledge First 48 told the story! 

Similar to shootouts on the Las Vegas strip? or rolling like the Pistorius brothers in Pretoria?  some are ready to flip / trip...but I wasn't just local I'm international; actually intergalactic..while a fanatic stayed in their own purgatory! 

You may have heard their story bruh!! some jokers were belligerent talking a lot of nonsense! 

Some are tripping!! lost their Triple-A rating like Great they say they cant work with me; now that's funny...not knowing anything about how I run this!

They're tripping!! mad at me because I'm done with this and that..I had sense to hit the reset button...I was dealing with a bunch of foolishness!

Jumping and recognizing after I peeped game...I saw others crash out like at Daytona..but now I'm back on default settings; some say I act a fool with this! 

But I play on bruh!! not acting brand new with this..I'm the original man and an extraordinary one.

That's OMANXL1; a lot of folk I school with this..please!!! class is in session...check the Sonic Assault; settings are on default!!  I am not the one!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kevin Toney - Red Tape

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some jazz / funk from Kevin Toney...talking about going through the Red Tape...some of us know what he's talking about!!

This is from his Special k album....check out the players and the track!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kevin Toney - Red Tape

GQ Podcast : Drum & Bass Mix & Kairo Kingdom Guest Mix [Ep.83] |

Digital Crate Digging Continues…..once again its on!!  its the GQ Podcast : Drum & Bass Mix & Kairo Kingdom Guest Mix [Ep.83]..check out the playlist and the mix..

GOING QUANTUM’S DRUM & BASS MIX 00:00 MSD – I Feel You (Bluescreens Remix) [Prime Dub] 04:56 Locust – You Don’t Know (feat. MC Flax) [Abducted Records] 08:38 Disprove – Doublespeak [Ammunition Recordings] 10:06 Bustre – Digitaal [Free DL] 11:37 Yanntek – Elevation (feat. Alkimia) [Ammunition Recordings] 14:24 Prysm – New Beginnings [Free DL]
KAIRO KINGDOM GUEST MIX 17:20 Kairo Kingdom – One Two [Simplify Recordings] 19:43 Kairo Kingdom – Get Down [Simplify Recordings] 22:43 Kairo Kingdom – The Sound Of Now (Going Quantum Exclusive Mix) [Mau5trap] 25:43 Kairo Kingdom – Don’t Feed The Troll [Play Me Records] 27:39 Moonbeam – The Flight (Kairo Kingdom Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 31:32 Kezwik ft. Mimi Page – Let Go (Kairo Kingdom Remix) [Simplify Recordings] 35:23 Gold Top – Uh Oh [Dirty Duck Audio] 38:03 Pegboard Nerds – Self Destruct [Monstercat] 41:24 Kairo Kingdom – Dead Sound [Free Download] 44:23 Krewella – Come And Get It (Kairo Kingdom Remix) [TBA]
GQ Podcast : Drum & Bass Mix & Kairo Kingdom Guest Mix [Ep.83] | Whats Really Going On?

Kenny Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks 'Saturday Basement Mix 2012'

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out DJ, producer / artist Kenny Dope with his Kenny Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks 'Saturday Basement Mix 2012' 

....he's on that jazz / funk / old school soul music ....serious crate digging shxt!! check out the playlist and the mix...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kenny Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks 'Saturday Basement Mix 2012'

Caught Out There / Once Again...Once Again

Damn!! we were just minding and tending...trying to handle our business;  now were caught out there!

Damn!! just good word dropping and beat blending..unlike the Vatican vs the media subliminal message sending concerning the Pope.. somebody was lying!!  like my daughter once said..its not fair! 

The system / matrix will get you one way or another!! rendering poetic justice per Drake and Kendrick Lamar?  for the course that's par...considering were just trying to get the basic essentials! 

.....trying to get food, clothing, and shelter.. the situation is helter skelter!! the scam? some fell for it!!  that's whats up when dealing with shady officials! 

Its gotta be good is my mantra!! but Dekalb County leadership was under attack...from the State of Georgia vs the school system to the Feds vs the CEO.. who'll understand a bruh as I put it down like this

Its gotta be hood!!  based on default settings...but were wise to the whole set up from Pistorius in Pretoria to shootouts in Las Vegas ...knowing where being caught out there can take we bring the funky sound like this! 

Check the Sonic Assault; please!!  you might have found this brother swinging the blackjack at heathens!

 Its our response to it!! the Natalie Cole hell that's caught!! what was taught / what do you believe in? 

The system / matrix was deceiving them and those!!! they're even  making you part of their solution or part of their problem!

 How you living?  fake with it based on media programming!! but O-Dizzle wasn't slow jamming..he was rocking! 

But hustle knocking seemed to be the order of the day;  its business as usual!

 Now most of us are caught out there!! but to the system its not unusual!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Proximate / Sessions 7 (Drum and Bass Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out Lee Spencer   from Portsmouth, Britain (UK) ..also known as Proximate  with his Sessions 7 Drum and Bass Mix. He has a nice old school / back in the day drum and bass mix going!! check out the tracklist and the mix…

01. M.I.S.T. – Play On Me
02. Carlito & Addiction – Make It Real
03. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Love & Happiness
04. Digital – Red Mist
05. Invaderz – Orion
06. M.I.S.T. – Warp 1
07. The Invaderz – Control My Mind
08. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Revolution
09. Total Science – Juicy Fruit
10. Tronik 100 – Deep Love
11. High Contrast – Return Of Forever
12. Dylan & Ink – I Can’t Wait

Proximate / Sessions 7 (Drum and Bass Mix) | Whats Really Going On?

Kendrick Lamar f. Drake "Poetic Justice"

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kendrick Lamar f. Drake "Poetic Justice": Digital Crate Digging Continues..on some hip hop....checking out Kendrick Lamar f. Drake with "Poetic Justice"....

At The End Of The Day? Its Gotta Be Good

You know the routine...they weren't checking for me, but that could be a good thing!

Its gotta be that way!! anyway..I'm on default this is a hood thing! 

God is blessing us!! please!!  its not a knock on wood thing; even though when Oscar Pistorius was granted bail he thought it was...Drew Peterson didn't think so...but at the end of the day you can't trust to luck! 

....Per Ms Peters my fourth grade teacher; as I beseech you...had to tell you to watch out for those gamblers out for a fast buck! 

Capers were pulled..perpetrators dipped in a fast truck like that Range Rover that shot up the Las Vegas strip.... there was no "kumbaya"  brotherly love like Philadelphia! 

Haters were "woo ha" like Buster Rhymes putting suckers in check;  whose caught out there like Michael Vick with no blocking like in Philadelphia?

As I spell it out for ya!! the buster was just a trick...saying because he had it! 

As I spell it out for ya dropping the word like Steve Harvey or Michael Baesden? talking like they had it!

 Its easy to fail out there...but were going in...a zone; but now jokers are sales pitching or called themselves dropping knowledge! 

O-Zone prevails..switching up the game after soaking in it; now its Gotta Be Good...the mothership gets good mileage!

 The drone attack fails? Al-Qaeda had instructions on how to avoid them; meanwhile jokers tried to play this brotha...contracts? I null and void them...its gotta be hood based on default settings! 

As we proceed....some will get whats coming to them...O-Dizzle is funky drumming for swinging Sonic Blackjacks; blasting Sonic Assaults...teaching lesson!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Crusaders - Put It Where You Want It

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Crusaders - Put It Where You Want It: Digital Crate Digging Continues....doing some musical research; started in one direction and ended in another. Listening to some hip hop,...

Submatik - Run Away

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some drum and bass...from Submatik...with a cut called Run Away. 

Much respect to the Liquicity channel on You Tube for holding it down!! Check this out!!

Knocked Off Balance PT.2 The Falling Off Edition

Its going down!! check out  the crazy the murder in Pretoria per Oscar Pistorius.. now some are knocked off balance!

Its going down!!!  things are crazy…who will work with ya like the GOP vs Obama on the sequester?  hustles are knocked after jokers show malice!

Its going down…it didn’t amaze me…I know what the style is…some are falling off due to the adjustments being made..

Its going down…they were knocked off balance..waiting on smoke signals from the Vatican…so that’s how the game is played!!
Check out the rest of this article at...Knocked Off Balance PT.2 The Falling Off Edition | Whats Really Going On?

In The Meantime and Between Time / Once Again Its On

 I was chilling out..laying in the cut; but soon a bruh will be going for mine! 

In the meantime and between time..I'm typing this at high my previous episode...check the mode..please!! like I said.. I'm going for mine!

Observing the scene....its rough out here for the rolling gun battle on the Las Vegas strip...or like Oscar Pistorius....whose ready to flip? I'm looking for a sign...

Dealing with the madness out here!! whose playing around with the corrupt?  I don't play this!!.. just caught up in the in system / matrix; the meantime and between time! 

Dealing with the Total Chaos; a life of crime messed up the young homies down here in Georgia! 

Car jacking and home invading..supposedly mafioso or made men; unlike revolutionaries over in the other Georgia! 

Check out the rest of this article at...Random Thoughts From A Brotha: In The Meantime and Between Time / Once Again Its On

Some Might Know The Deal; The Saga / Struggle Continues

Once again its on!! the saga / struggle continues; maybe somebody knows what I'm talking about! 

They said word up like Cameo....whatcha know?  others were in denial like zombies..they stalked about! 

Like an episode of Walking Dead on AMC...but whats the real deally? jokers get "white chalked out" from Pretoria to the ATL...

Whats the mode? we're all misled; whats the word on the curb? per Oscar Pistorius or  Hilton Botha? ....not a pretty picture...some are hoping that you fail...
Zombies Apocalypse with the bath salts and synthetic marijuana fueling it?  is that what its all about? some folk act like it!

Whats the response to those and these? were rocking this!! the saga / struggle continues..math is taught as we teach some a lesson..its no joke..were serious!! we have to fight that!

Whats that? the ongoing spiritual warfare..its like Damascus...they had us on the front lines!

 Whatcha knowing? some might ask us...please!! at the end of the day?  we had to do what we had to do!! the system tried to front on mine!

Whatcha knowing? every possible obstacle was in front of mine...progress was delayed...

Some might know the the cyber theft of US trade secrets by the Chinese...please!! they already knew about the charade.. 

Some might know the the saga / struggle continues...the funk is played and this good word is dropped...

Some might know the deal..a brotha is checking these menus to see whats next..we kept it moving...we never quit and we never stopped..  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miles Davis – Decoy

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out Miles Davis with his cut called Decoy..from his album of the same name.

Of course Miles Davis  is on the trumpet, plus the  synthesizer. He also had the following rolling with him….
Miles Davis – Decoy « Whats Really Going On?

All Trap Music (Album Megamix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this All Trap Music (Album Megamix)...for this project they have out on the can picked up at the following locations...


This mix and album features the following artists and tracks... 

 1. Baauer -- Dum Dum
2. Massappeals -- 7even OH!
3. Flosstradamus -- Roll Up (Baauer Remix)
4. Bro Safari Feat. DJ Craze -- Spooked
5. Buku -- All Deez
6. Dream Mclean -- Network (Chase & Status Remix)
7. Flosstradamus - From The Back Feat. Danny Brown (Lunice Remix)
8. Buku -- Janky
9. Luminox -- I Run This (Original Mix)
10. 12th Planet & SPL -- Ratchet Strap (ƱZ Remix)
11. HPNTK -- Underground Tactics
12. Hucci & Stooki Sound -- Ball So Hard
13. Foreign Beggars -- Goon Bags (UZ Remix)
14. Hucci -- Hustle
15. XXTRAKT -- Higher
16. Gent & Jawns -- TurnUp
17. S-X -- Bricks
18. RL Grime - Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix)
19. Clicks & Whistles -- Fumando
20. All Trap Music (Continuous Mix)
21. All Trap Music (JiKay DJ Mix)

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Trap Music (Album Megamix)

Urban Knights Exclusive One-Hour Set / Panda Mix Show

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out the Panda Mix Show…with an exclusive one hour set from the Urban Knights 

Check out the play list and the mix…
Step on Dem Feat Blackout Ja – Urban Knights
Step on Dem (Rory Lyons Remix) – Urban Knights
Go Sick – Whole Sick & Tomb Crew
Are You Not Entertained – Dot Rotten (DJ Q Remix)
Like This – Linkoban
Dem – Unknown
Forever (V10) – Benny Kane
Sewer Skank – Urban Knights & Soul Circuit
C.R.E.A.M – Wu Tang/ColdCuts (Benny Kane’s Congo Mix)
Without you – Baxsta
Whose Da Badman – D Pattern
Killer – Fazer (Woz Remix)
Lick it Back – Sky Juice
Predador – French Fries
Au Seve – Julio Bashmore (Benny Kane Remix)
Half on a Baby – Vybz Kartel & Mosca
Summer Haze – LKID
Battle for Middle WU – Julio Bashmore Vs Wu Tang Clan (Benny Kane’s Hyper Mix)
Lights Out – Don Diablo (Hostage Remix)
So High – Shadow Child
Bad Bwoy – Sly
Boy – Nina Nesbitt (Hostage Remix)
Night & Day – Hot Chip (Dusky Remix)
Fairplay (Zed Bias Old skool instrumental)
Floor Excitement – The Busy Twist  

Urban Knights Exclusive One-Hour Set / Panda Mix Show « Whats Really Going On?

Idris Muhammad – By The Red Sea

 Digital crate digging continues....some serious crate digging too!! checking out drummer / percussionist Idris Muhammad  with a cut called  By The Red Sea.

This is from his Black Rhythm Revolution album...check out the players and the track...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Idris Muhammad – By The Red Sea

Class Is In Session / The Sonic Blackjack Mix pt2

Digital Crate digging continues....Class Is In Session...still teaching them a lesson...with the blackjack. The Sonic Blackjack that is.

Check out part two of the Sonic Blackjack...from my ongoing Sonic Assault series. 



Smoke and Mirrors / Still In Full Effect

Broken beats from the four track recorder and this good word typed into Samsung phones is how we roll…

Paying the price…like workers over in India protesting…considered out of order…rebuking those in control…

Meanwhile I’m way way out there beyond the border..waiting for the smoke to clear!

Checked the style; it was enhanced by mirrors..reflecting the horror and terror..but were trying to maintain as we go there!

Check out the rest of this article at...Smoke and Mirrors / Still In Full Effect « Whats Really Going On?

At The End Of The Day? Were Just Trying To Maintain

 The ship is out to sea.. floating like the Carnival Triumph? ..the waters are treacherous; were just trying to maintain! 

Underwater? there's no where to run or hide... check the sea full of sharks and dramas above land; Chinese hackers attack the mainframe! 

Underwater like mortgages..different time frames? some are winning..some are losing! 

Another was told to abort that or this! the system plays mind games ....different poisons some are choosing! 

Check the Mission it a Ghost Protocol?...some look like a pro to y'all...they're choosing to take the assignment...apparently the job market isn't that bad..different positions are available!

 Some are cruising through the galaxy like there's nothing to it; but things are unpredictable!    

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: At The End Of The Day? Were Just Trying To Maintain

When You Gotta Go? You Gotta Go!!

Seasons change..even though snow falls from the West to Midwest; reasons change; when you gotta go? you gotta go!

Like the Chinese hacking American companies..treasons change the whole perspective..whose disrespected?  please!! you gotta know!

Life's seasonings have some disconnected or detached..they were heard saying "ain't nobody got time for that"

 Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire plays in the background..for love, money, or power some will drop a dime for that!

 Actually... they'll use the Metro or Cricket prepaid phone; texting that whistle blowing information! 

Not blowing the whistle like Too Short talked about..a different type of transcending or transformation! 

All up in the sport...the mode of transportation? the mothership had me all over the galaxy! 

At the moment I'm trapped on earth; please!! I landed like the meteor in Russia;  now jokers are getting foul with me! 

The evil opponent or arch nemesis was flexing like they had control!!  when God is actually running everything!

 Something simple was made into a complex thing; now some will get whats coming to them!

 O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them..telling himself that its
gotta be good! 

Whats the dizzle?  we do our own thing; going there!! when you gotta go? you gotta go!! based on default settings?...I'm telling myself that its gotta be hood!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

David S Ware Quintet / Aquarian Sound.

Digital crate digging continues…checking out the David S Ware Quintet….with a track called Aquarian Sound.

The David S Ware Quintet is ……

David S. Ware – tenor saxophone
William Parker – bass
Matthew Shipp – piano
Guillermo Brown – drums

Check them out!!
David S Ware Quintet / Aquarian Sound. « Whats Really Going On?

Michel Camilo / Nardis

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out pianist Michel Camilo  and his cut called Nardis. 

This is from his Spirit of the Moment album. Mr. Camilo likes the trio setting...check out the players and the track...
Michel Camilo: piano; Charles Flores: bass; Dafnis Prieto: drums.

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Michel Camilo / Nardis

CZARFACE (Inspectah Deck + 7L & Esoteric) - Savagely Attack ft. Ghostface Killa

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some hip hop.. checking out CZARFACE (Inspectah Deck + 7L & Esoteric) with a track called Savagely Attack ft. Ghostface Killa 

They Already Knew

Some people already knew…..using a fresh view and fresh vision… so they prepared themselves!

Mentioned earlier some are going through it…so they dared themselves!

But some scared themselves;  the cliché  by FDR said there’s nothing to fear but fear itself! 

Some scarred themselves with self-inflicted injuries;  meanwhile I was way way out there!! the mothership was on automatic pilot;  it had to steer its self!

Some perjured themselves like Lance was all wrong!!  but he wasn’t the only one riding dirty!

Whats the word from Oscar Pistorius…roid rage? whats up with this? deer antler spray came into play from Baltimore to Alabama; some were too strong…you heard me?

Check out the rest of this article at...They Already Knew..

Whose Fair With This PT.2

 Spiritual warfare is going down..but we cherish the victories like Kool and The Gang talked about Cherish The Love! 

But no "big heads" as we go there..whose fair with that or this?  its like under the basket in an NBA game; jokers push and shove! 

Some will get whats coming to them...the glove didn't fit but they won't acquit..damn!! others charges are trumped up! 

No love is shown for a fanatic rolling like Donald Trump..there time is up! 

Doing the mathematics...playing spades / holding trump cards! but some are still getting beat! 

Erratic with this!! looking at the man in the mirror per Michael Jackson;  like Miami I was already feeling the Heat!

Check out the rest of this article at..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whose Fair With This PT.2

Behind The Scenes PT.2

It was going down behind the scenes!! please!! just check the smoke and mirrors; what we see is just a charade! 

Its going down!! but don't lose your mind...the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in the air? they were just a parade! 

Some are flexing like North Korea nuclear tests; the ground shakes like its an earthquake!

 Some were fracking like in the Youngstown Ohio area;  as the ground shakes like an earthquake! 

Phone hacking lead to iPhone 5 and 6 jailbreaks!! now some think they're all this and all that! 

Zone hacking like the Chinese Army? while zone jacking led to turf wars from the West Bank to the ATL;  wannabes / fakes think they're all this and that! 

Clones lacking a fresh vision?...they get smashed like meteors hitting Russia!

 O-Zone is macking!! catching up on his pimping!! but nobody was checking for I even felt the pressure! 

Another hot mess from ya bruh?  that's what a naysayer asked.. laughing!

 But we put it down like this!!  check the funk we drop;  plus the math we bring!

Check the path were taking...low key with it...everything was happening behind the scenes...

Check the staff that's faking like Republicans and Ted Cruz...meanwhile up in the mothership these brothas are cruising...were ready to roll...after observing the scene... 

Check Out The Ready To Roll Mix by O-Dizzle


Monday, February 18, 2013

Northern Lights Mix / Panda Mix Show

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out the latest episode of the Panda Mix Show..featuring the Northern Lights Mix…featuring UK electro / dubstep /drumstep artist Northern Lights

Check out the track list and the mix!!

Northern Lights – Don’t Stop – Stripes
Northern Lights – Six – Stripes
Northern Lights – The Black Hole (VIP) – Stripes
Northern Lights – Desire (Draft) – Stripes
Northern Lights – Invite The Future (Edit) – True Tiger
Northern Lights – Sentiments Feat. Beezy – Stripes
Northern Lights – Special Place (Draft) – Stripes
Northern Lights – Confusion – Stripes
Northern Lights – Watch Ya Bass Bins – Stripes
Northern Lights – Unfinished Business (VIP) – Stripes
Northern Lights – Breakin’ Rules (Instrumental) – Stripes
Northern Lights – Loonology (VIP) – Stripes
Run Tingz Cru Feat. Blackout J.A. & K*Ners – Informer (Northern Lights Remix) – Run Tingz
Dee Bo General – The Specialist (Northern Lights Mix) – Audio Warfare
Dope Ammo & Resinate – Come Out To Play (Northern Lights Remix) – Dope Ammo

Northern Lights Mix / Panda Mix Show « Whats Really Going On?

Kool & The Gang - Street Corner Symphony

  Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this funk from Kool & The Gang called Street Corner Symphony. This is off their Light Of The World album.

This is some nice jazz / funk from them. They already showed the world what they could do on the instrumental tip with Summer Madness..which was on this album. Kool and The Gang is; 

Alto Saxophone – Dennis Thomas* Arranged By – Ronald Bell Bass – Robert Bell* Drums, Percussion – George Brown Guitar – Claydes E. X. Smith* Piano – Rick West* Tenor Saxophone, Synthesizer [Arp], Clavinet, Percussion, Bass, Piano – Ronald Bell Trumpet – Robert Mickens*

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kool & The Gang - Street Corner Symphony