Friday, May 31, 2019

Let There Be House May 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!! my motto? Let The Music Play!!

This is the O-Dog Day Party / Friday Night Fever segments as concepts combine; this is how we'll play!!

Already saw how another will play it, non-believers won't say it!! they're like Mitch McConnell paid off to get Russian businesses in Kentucky...

Ready?  this brotha will play it!! what? the funky sounds!! switching strategies after others fail; I felt the pressure, chilling out there where the corrupt will be!!

So what's up with me? not trying to fail like the North Korean envoy executed due to the failed summit with Trump!! we're equipped with the drum kit,  beats will thump!! we're listening to Let There Be House May 2019!!  we're closing out the month of May strong!!

This is courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!! ladies and gentlemen? this cat is jamming!! check out the playlist and the mix you can't go wrong!!

Tracklist: 1. Antoine Clamaran & Agua Sin Gas - Everybody Pumpin' (Earth n Days Remix) 2. Stacie Fields - Good Loving 3. Dj Kone & Marc Palacios - My Feelings 4. Sister Sledge - Thinkin Of You (Matonii Rework) 5. Reza & Tom Chubb - Anthem (Club Mix) 6. Herd & Fitz ft Abigail Bailey - I Just Can't Get Enough (Andrey Keyton 2k19 Rework) 7. Luca Debonaire - Yeke Yeke 8. Joel Corry - Sorry (Extended VIP Mix) 9. Kevin McKay - Move Your Body (Elevation) 10. Ferreck Dawn - You Are The One 11. Qubiko - U R 12. Mike Vale - Music Is the Answer

13. Fiorious - I'm Not Defeated Pt. II (Honey Dijon's Fiercely Furious Dub) 14. Kevin McKay & Joshwa (UK) - Such A Good Feeling 15. Mirko & Meex - Get Down 16. FISHER (OZ) - You Little Beauty

DJ Groove 2019 June

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, it's also the last day of May..

The saga / struggle continues as we went from Taurus Season to Gemini Season, peeing game; seeing how they play...

Treasons committed by Trump or the people investigating? somebody's lying was one of Pops favorite sayings!!

Seasons  are seasoned with beats that bump and investigative reporting from O-Zone; serious about this thing, we're not playing!!

Oh, but we're playing this good house music per the O-Dog Day Party; listening to this DJ Groove 2019 June mix...

As we proceed and continue to navigate the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors by staying on the move!! check the playlist and the mix!!

TRACKLIST 01. (00:00) JT Donaldson feat. Liv.e - Stay Inside
02. (08:23) Bale Defoe - Deeper Love
03. (14:03) Ed Nine - Never Be Apart
04. (17:56) Roog - Out Of Control
05. (22:34) Jay Mexx - Feel Inside
06. (27:15) Oliver Schmitz, Micah Sherman - Hollywood
07. (30:52) Soul Divide - Hanky Panky
08. (36:48) Mattei & Omich - Dancer
09. (42:28) Hurlee - Dancefloor
10. (48:38) Joeski - Hey Fellas
11. (53:52) DJ Mes, Rescue - We Get High
12. (1:01:54) Stanny Abram - What's Up My Love
13. (1:05:30) Dani Hageman - Make My Day
14. (1:11:11) Demarkus Lewis - Let Myself Go
15. (1:15:19) Freight Train - Tryna Be
16. (1:21:46) Dutchican Soul - Only You
17. (1:24:40) Gerry Read - It´ll All Be Over (DJ Koze)

Elevate - A Trip Hop Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Elevate - A Trip Hop Mix: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; taking it back to the future, doing it my way.. Retro-futuristic mysticism lashing ...

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Disco House Classics Mix 2019 - Barry and Gibbs - FVUK Guest Mix #13

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro-futuristic is how the work will be...

Multi-dimensional going back to the future with a funky instrumental or two; that's  how the work will be!!

Putting in work, setting things  off from May Day until today as May draws to a close and June is on deck...

This type of work is appropriate for any time frame, using the sound to rebuke the mind game; these Babylonians will disrespect..

It's on again!! O-Dog Day Partying, listening to this Disco House Classics Mix 2019 - Barry and Gibbs - FVUK Guest Mix #13

It's courtesy of Funky Vibes UK, check the playlist and the mix from London to here in the ATL the sound is playing!!

Barry & Gibbs - Disco House classics Mix 2019 Tracklist 1. Shaka loves you - If you give
2. The Bee-gees - Night fever (B&G tribute to daddy edit)
3. That Needs an Edit - Clive the Chancer
4. Osmose - Oh midnight
5. Barry&Gibbs - Hanging out at the disco
6. HP vince,Dave Leatherman - Everybody get up
7. Phonk D, sasha Ciminiera - High top
8. Natasha Kitty Kat - Plenty good
9. Sebb Junior - I saw you last night
10. Doug willis, Joey Negro - Crystal Lover (Joey Negro dub disco mix)
11. Breakbot - By your side (B&G edit)

Just Chilling For A Minute PT.3

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Just Chilling For A Minute PT.3: It's going down on this Throwback  Thursday / Thankful Thursday; we're blessed, but unworthy... Like Trump feels about John McCain...

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 113 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha?  we'll hit the ground running!!

The saga / struggle continues but we're O-Dog Day Partying!! we've got the funky drummer drumming!!

O-Zone? he's summing up the consequences, he may even drop the word on the curb like Robert Mueller...

In a zone? Louisville / Newburg  circumstances has me on default settings, peeping game! lessons learned from the old schooler Abdullah!!

It's on!! kept it real didn't merge with the apparatus, now check the status as we get into this Glitterbox Radio Show 113 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Check out the playlist and the mix, check the status as we rock per this O-Dog Day Partying!! are we getting down? man please!!

01. Jomanda - Got A Love For You (Hurley’s House Mix) [Big Beat]
02. Nu Yorican Soul - Runaway (Mousse T. Rmx) [ITH Records]
03. Dina Vass - The Love I Have For You (Full Intention Mix) [ITH Records]
04. Mistura - Do You Love Me featuring Angela Johnson (JN Disco Blend) [Z Records]
05. The O’Jays - Put Our Heads Together [Philadelphia International Records]
06. Phyllis St. James - Candlelight Afternoon (12” Version) [Motown]
07. Izo Fitzroy - I Want Magic (Dimitri From Paris Vs. Cotonete 12” Version) [Jalapeno Records]
08. Junktion - I’m Wishin’ [Razor N Tape Reserve]
09. Ultra Naté - How Long (Fire Island Remix) [Warner Bros. Records]
10. M-Gee featuring. Mica Paris - Bodyswerve (Club Mix) [Swing City Records]
11. Homero Espinosa & Mark Farina - Good Vibrations (Main Mix) [Moulton Music]
12. Loleatta Holloway - Catch Me On The Rebound (John Morales M + M Mix) [No label]
14. Lou Rawls - See You When I Git There (Tom Moulton Remix) [Legacy]
16. Inner Life - I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Affair) [Prelude Records]

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.10

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; as I've mentioned previously,  things can play out either way..

It's going down after Memorial Day holidays, now we're rejuvenated,  trying to get back in the swing of things; expecting opposition from the devious due to previous episodes; we should know how they'll play!!

Whatcha know man/?  when the drama goes down who was beseeched? did the street mafioso call their henchmen?  issues were debated,  even heard Da Lench Mob mention Guerillas  In Da Mist  and the Hood Took Me Under by Compton's Most Wanted!

Whatcha know man? dude wasn't late with it!!   tires screeched in the old school Chevy Impala after the caper was pulled over on Northside Drive in Atlanta, he didn't want to be  lynched by the angry mob; these days stirred up / channeling  First 48 and America's Most Wanted!

Dude said it was a cinch man!! some believed him...he said he would come through in the clutch; he swagged / flexed / fronted and flaunted!

Clint Eastwood style!! clinching a fistful of dollars;  smoking cut up weed implanted  Dutch Masters; passed it to the left hand side after he gathered and hunted!

It's famine or feast in the hood; weed eaters and ditch witches pull so called slick ones  out of ditches, either from back roads out in South Carolina or out in the backwoods of Tennessee or  Kentucky!

Street leaders we're carrying heaters; they smoked backwoods and drank Tennessee or Kentucky brown liquor after the fact; they fulfilled their contract, those boys got lucky!

That's what the street does, but it's not just back in these hoods!! overseas? there's still a war in Yemen plus  missiles were tested by North Korea..

Trump heard about it but wasn't worried about, meanwhile we're chilling /  ignoring the turbulence  / going all out for this!! check the scenario...

Beats bump, you heard? plus we drop this good word, this is how we'll work this!! it's based on being rejuvenated..

The streets will stump some but we'll school them with the drum; the O-Dog Day Party will have our constituents rejuvenated!!

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 118

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 118: Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; as I've mentioned before things can play out either way......

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Scorpion - Lou Donaldson

Sunday Jazz Continues, err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues..

It's a holiday, Memorial Day; so today has that Sunday Jazz vibe going; check these menus...

Checked out other venues this past weekend; rolling down 10th Street past Piedmont Park where the Atlanta Jazz Festival was going down...

Spotted jokers riding through in the Jeep Cherokee  listening to Tupac, as we continue to rock; not spazzing just throwing down...

We've got our own jazz festival going!!  checking out this jazz / funk tune from Lou Donaldson called the Scorpion...

This was recorded live at The Cadillac Club, Newark, New Jersey on November 7, 1970; check out the  players and the track!! this is how we're putting it down!!

Drums - Idris Muhammad
Guitar - Melvin Sparks
Organ - Leon Spencer, Jr.
Saxophone [Alto] - Lou Donaldson
Trumpet - Fred Ballard

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Funky Party Mix Vol. 5

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday as we continue to get retro-futuristic with it...

The saga / struggle continues but we're O-Dog Day Partying in response; that's how we deal with it...

Of course that Friday Feeling is exhibited, ignoring the turbulence was mentioned in previous episodes..

We continue to play, not resigning like Theresa May due to Brexit!! O-Dizzle will take a beat and break it! check the modes..

The motto? of course it's "Let The Music Play"; we're listening to The Funky Party Mix Vol. 5 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams..

Check out the playlist and the mix as we get funky per this O-Dog Day Party; all the way live!! please believe me this cat is jamming!!

Tracklist: 1. Belezamusica - U Got Me Spinning (Seamus Haji 2019 Extended Re-Work)
2. Praise Cats - Shined On Me (Charles J Remix)
3. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (Pray For More's Anthem Mix)
4. Seamus Haji Pres Mekkah - Race Of Survival (Richard Earnshaw Extended ReVibe)
5. Steve Silk Hurley, Marshall Jefferson & B. Lauren - Just A Feelin (That I Get) (Chris Kurbanali Funky Disco Remix)
6. Prospect Park - Till You Surrender (DJ Fudge Disco Mix)
7. Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin' (Purple Disco Machine Vox Mix)
8. Sister Sledge - Thinkin Of You (Matonii Rework)
9. Disko Junkie - Feel The Disko
10. Mirko & Meex - That's The Way
11. Billie Brown - Nobodys Bizness (Jamie Lewis No Rap Remix)
12. Aaron K. Gray & Derrick Ricky Nelson - Ride Like The Wind (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)
13. The Terri Green Project - Night To Remember (Earth N Days Extended Remix)
14. FrankStar pres. Kenny Paget Le Tour ft Louise Browne - What's Missing

Ignoring The Turbulence PT. 10

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ignoring The Turbulence PT. 10: Per this Flashback Friday? I borrowed a catch phrase from my uncle, telling my constituents it's rough out here!! nevertheless, your dud...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.9

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ignoring The Turbulence PT.9: I mentioned ignoring the turbulence but it's hard to do when high winds and the rain hit you like Jefferson City, Missouri.. The show...

Rejuvenated PT.9…

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday; heard somebody call it a Thankful Thursday,  I can work with that!!

We'll go back to the future, rejuvenated after the maneuvers illuminated us;  illuminati blocking justice? like Trump not able to work with a Democrat? 

We'll go back to the future, not late when  dropping these good words / mathematics /   unconventional wisdom or even forensic rhetoric.. 

Tricked like Trump dealing with Putin per Rex Tillerson?  who's following the words of the Geneva Convention when victimized by techniques utilized by  McGruff crime prevention ?   the energy was kinetic.

O-Zone? rejuvenated after I was chilling but per Throwback Thursday?  Zapp and Roger said it's So Ruff / So Tuff out here!! amen corner deacons conferred but supposedly the general inspected it;  no Trump collusion?  so how did this thing get started?

O-Zone? he's rejuvenated, he's had enough!! this spiritual warfare general connects this good word with beats that bump to fight the confusion in Babylon; were in the heart of it.

Rejuvenated / acting brand new with it!! I even heard the general catch phrase /  slogan;  somebody told you that "you could be all you can be" 

Plus Steve Arrington said nobody could be you but you so what it do? but this dude even had doubts, asking myself  damn!! where did your shuttle land you? making the final launch like the Atlantis?  can't understand this, down here on earth on a planet where you can't be free? 

Jokers aren't playing fair son!!  my constituents were  blinded by the lights mentioned by the Manfred Mann Earth Band; they can't see the locked doors and windows  of opportunity? plus their head hits the glass ceiling!

Jokers aren't playing fair son!! who's through dealing? Oops upside the head like the Gap Band?  what's up man? ...any diplomatic immunity?  they say your class is through dealing!

Rejuvenated, but for a moment I thought I was strapped man!! so whatcha know man? I'm still armed and dangerous listening to Uncle Jams Army with  Knee Deep; Philippe Wynne plus The Funkadelic with George Clinton!!!

The Sonic Assault is unleashed!!  whats up with it?  rejuvenated!! but we keep our guards up; jokers still shout lock em up like Hillary Clinton!'

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Louie Vega - Diamond Life (Dance Ritual Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're still O-Dog Day Partying..

Oh yes!! the saga / struggle continues!! getting over the hump is the answer!! smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors? O-Zone wanted no part of that thing!!

Disclaimer: we are in the heart of this and that thing; an unwilling participant like Trump not providing his financial information? 

O-Dog Day Partying, at the same time chilling with it per these good words and beats that bump during this public transportation . transformation..

O-Dog? not slick like Michael Avenatti he's straight up!! listening to this house track from  Louie Vega with  Diamond Life (Dance Ritual Mix)

Jay 'Sinister' Sealee and Julie McKnight were contributors, as we deal with these and those; not living that diamond life we're too busy getting breakbeat scientific!!


Digital Crate Digging Continues, check these menus; the HumpDay Extravaganza is underway..

The saga / struggle continues, we're rocking these venues!! the O-Dog Day Party is underway...

Live and direct from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta,  sending signals across the universe..

Jive turkeys disrespect saying they can't work with us like Trump vs Democrats; some are ready to stone and curse...

This turnkey operation is a spiritual obligation, we're rocking the nation; actually the universe, listening to DEEP HOUSE CLUB MIX MAY 2019 (Part Two)

It's courtesy of Stefano DJ Stoneangels Channel Two; check out the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

PLAYLIST: 1 - Dimka (Gr) - The White Horse Of The King (Bobby Deep Remix)
2 - Henrik Villard - It's Just Love (Original Mix)
3 - Anotr - Hypnosis (James Dexter Remix)
4 - Kevin Yost - The Moonlight (Yost's Down & Level Rework)
5 - Dimmish - Brain Tornado (Original Mix)
6 - Raul Alarcon - Rholof (Astre Remix)
7 - Mario Franca - Simple Heart (Original Mix)
8 - Nicola, Oldchap - Boat Trip (Original Mix)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 112: Ibiza Special (Simon Dunmore, Mousse T, Jellybean Benitez & Kathy Sledge)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what we call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way..

We'll claim the terrific; check out the sound we're back with it; you're in the midst of this O-Dog Day Party...

Dealing with the erratic, so why did they start with me? they'll obstruct justice like Trump telling McGahn not to testify..

Dealing with the mathematics, that's what's up with us!! dropping this good word and beats that bump; we're not bringing it? that's a lie!!

Reaching for it, not hesitant like Democrats concerning a Trump impeachment; breakbeat science? teaching it with this Glitterbox Radio Show 112: Ibiza Special (Simon Dunmore, Mousse T, Jellybean Benitez & Kathy Sledge)

Beseeching us? our constituents asked for beats that bump, so we come with some disco, funk, soul  and house music!!  check out the playlist and the mix, as we drop this knowledge!!

01. Kathy Sledge - Heart (Revival Mix) [Epic]
02. Nicole - Rock The House (Hurley's House Of Trix Mix) [High Fashion Digital]
03. Johnick - C'Mon Give It Up [4th Floor]
04. The B. B. Q. Band - Dreamer (Shep Pettibone Long Vocal Version) [PTG Records]
05. Gayle Adams - Stretchin' Out (Special 12_ Mix) [Prelude Records]
06. SIMON DUNMORE’S PICK: The Shapeshifters - Life Is A Dance Floor (Original Mix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
07. MOUSSE T’S PICK: Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin' (Mousse T's Disco Shizzle Mix) [Defected]
08. JELLY BEAN’S PICK: Whitney Houston - Love Will Save the Day (Jellybean & David Morales 1987 Classic Underground Mix) [Arista]
09. KATHY SLEDGE’S PICK: Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (2018 Remaster) [Defected]
10. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (The Underground Network Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
11. Johnny Corporate - In The Pocket [Soul Heaven Records]
12. Fries & Bridges - Forever This (Original) [Minority Music]
13. Rene & Angela - I Love You More [Capitol Records]

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.8

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ignoring The Turbulence PT.8: The atmosphere has shifted as we go into Gemini season , plus it's a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way;  a lot ...

Monday, May 20, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.8

We're rejuvenated; dealing with the aftermath from  that Full Moon in Scorpio; it was hitting hard!!

We're rejuvenated!! dealing with it after doing the math!!  found out it's the Buddha Full Moon  / Vesak  Day; meanwhile a fool will swoon, check out how they play!!  in love again,  falling hard.

Late with it? per Music Monday  Slum Village already said don't sell yourself by falling in love,  but you know how some humans are, we go hard in everything we do.

Hated? residents of slums /  villages / barrios and settlements deal with it as  thought and fashion police regiments were out here acting like they knew. 

Out the gate with it!! per these sonic assaults? drums hit up village idiots, plus we drop knowledge on them!!  what it do or does is part of the manifestation. 

Rejuvenated, like the House Oversight Committee examining Trump finances?  this dude sums up the consequences!!  oh yes!!  that's what the Brotha O-Zone does,  based on the revelations.

Who thin ice skated due to global warming? damn!! now it's like I-285 in Atlanta out by the dump on Moreland Avenue that stinks up the Southside!! while freedom riding rocking the lime green safety vest  I  spotted those rubbernecking /  bearing witness to the wreck or fiery crash.

Who threw shade at it? while spanning the globe brain storming we spotted those disrespecting,  no mental fitness!! in Paris protesters rocked yellow vests!!  pain is felt by those fired, due to asking for more cash.

Who debated it? spotted those disconnecting as the haves and have nots clash as the gap widens.

 Who's late with it? dots?  some try connecting,  new to old school;  AOC  / Cory Booker /  Kamala Harris  / Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden's.

They'll debate it, trying to get put on in 2020, but we'll still have to ride for freedom...

Rejuvenated!! channeling Malcolm X per his birthday this May 19th? the sport is complex but players were told to keep it pimping; but it's not a simple thing,  I see them and wouldn't want to be them!!

Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 114

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 114: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday as we hit the ground running with this O-Dog Day Party.. Digital? analog? is rigging the...

Caron Wheeler – Living In The Light (Brixton Bass Mix) (1990) REMASTERED Remixed by Blacksmith

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday as we follow our motto; "Let The Music Play"

Oh yes!! O-Dog Day Partying early, funky is how the work will be; so how else are we supposed to play?

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors residents were starting with me; those jokers loved waiting in the dark...

Jokers jog / running with horror and terror descendants picking up fragments and remnants; others had their vehicles in park...

The Brotha O-Zone parked the mothership down here on earth after lights started blinking on the instrument panel...

Danger zone residing? a brotha gets scientific studying the science dropped by Caron Wheeler talking about  Living In The Light (Brixton Bass Mix) (1990) REMASTERED Remixed by Blacksmith; understand a brotha? 

This is courtesy of DJ Dr Watson as we continue to fight those scheming / plotting / as we tell this story bumping heads against the thought and fashion police set up by the so called blue ribbon panel..

Hostile takeovers of our territory our repelled; the arch nemesis is evicted from the premises as we absorb the light like a solar panel..

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Titeknots - Hummingbirds

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Titeknots - Hummingbirds: Sunday Jazz Continues!! it's going down!! we're off to a late start but we're all up in the house!! The saga / struggle contin...

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 113

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 113: Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever edition; at this moment? this is how we're living!!  Caught in a moment ...

Soul & Funk Lounge Beats Mix - Dj CMAN - FVUK Guestmix Series 2019 (100% Laid Back Funky Flavours)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday afternoon morphs into Saturday evening here on the East Coast in the USA..

The saga / struggle continues of course, as I like to say; this O-Dog Day Party is going down enhanced by today's Full Moon In Scorpio; some act like they know how the sport will go; let the games begin / let's play!!

Let us pray was the advice from the minister under this Wesak / Buddha Full Moon; a weak one will swoon during the ongoing transformation..

Let the music play was this dude's motto, hip to the weak scheme / plot though!! it can be from tensions with Iran to the all out assault on abortions.

Let the music play, used for the public transportation / transformation!! we're listening to this Soul & Funk Lounge Beats Mix - Dj CMAN - FVUK Guestmix Series 2019 (100% Laid Back Funky Flavours)

This is courtesy of Funky Vibes UK; check the playlist and the mix, from Sydney to  London to Atlanta and all points in between this good music will play!! check the flavors!!

Soul and Funk Lounge Beats Mix 2019 - Dj CMAN Tracklist 1. Hipnotic – Are you lonlely
2. LJ Reyonolds – Travelin’ (CMAN and JR Dynamite Edit)
3. The SOS Band – Just be good to me (vocal mix)
4. Terence Trent D’Arby – Wishing well
5. Caron Wheeler – Living in the light (Jski Extended)
6. C + C Music Factory – Share the beat of love
7. Groove Theory – Baby Luv (CMAN Edit)
8. Flo Sanders (El Barrio Recipe) - African Superstar (CMAN Edit)
9. Jurassic 5 – Canto de ossanha 2
10. Suonho - Aguadebeber
11. Mop Mop & Anthony Joseph feat. Fred Wesley – Run Around Renegades of Jazz Remix
12. Roy Porter Sound Machine – Party time (CMAN Edit)
13. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Silver and gold
14. Sola Rosa – Turn around (feat. Iva Lamkum)
15. Poldoore – Shrooms (original mix) 
16. Bulljun – World War Intro
17. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness ... Breakadawn (CMAN Edit)
18. Grooveman Spot – Ponsonby beat down
19. Gramatik – Muy tranquilo
20. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Wandering eye

Friday, May 17, 2019


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday evening; the Friday  Night Fever is underway..

Actually? this menu is good for any day, as we follow our motto; please believe me, it's Let The Music Play!!

We're out here dealing with reality; one moment you're on top of the world, then a week or two later you won't make the cut like Tiger Woods..

It's rough out here!! reality is unforgiving,  you'll be suspended like Tyreke Evans; please!! it's tight in these hoods..

It's rough out here but homie's game was tight in these hoods!! spotted over on Highway 85 in Riverdale Georgia humming and bumming,  so he could supposedly  get something to eat..

Some paid him off, soon HE'S  spotted 10 minute later blowing smoke off the Black and Mild; child please!!  these jokers will keep it street..

Real sweet!! that's what this IT'S ONLY HOUSE MUSIC #2 mix from eXogroove is!! check the playlist and the mix!!

Real sweet!! oh yes, listening to some good house music on a Friday night; in the groove, getting breakbeat scientific..

Tracklist: De Melero feat. Monica Green - Night Moves (Kiko Navarro Tribute Version)
Fiorious - I'm Not Defeated, Pt. II (Honey Dijon's Fiercely Furious Dub)
Jamie Lewis, Tanja Dankner, Fabulous Keys - I Feel Good (Jamie Lewis Club Cut)
ATFC & David Penn - Dynamite (Extended Mix)
John Julius Knight - Find A Friend (Babert Extended Remix)
Joeski - Hey Fellas (Original)
Full Intention - The Guitar (Full Intention Hi Mix)
Qubiko - U R (Extended Mix)
N-You-Up - Jazz Bar (Saison Rework)
Antranig - Back 2 House (Extended Mix)
Disco s Hit - Chuck Norris

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 112

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 112: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday as retro-futuristic moves are made... The saga / struggle continues as I continue to...

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Rock Out

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; check us out as we follow those principles..

The saga / struggle continues as we flash back to the future, still dealing with the so called invincible...

This is what it do, as we drop this knowledge!! we're coming through like a Golden State Warrior  Steph Curry / Draymond Green pick and roll...

This is what it do, as we drop this knowledge!! coming through like a spiritual warrior  with this sound,  filled with elements of jazz, funk, hip hop, house music and soul...

....always looking for something obscure / outside the mainstream. 

That's the way I do things / acting like I knew things / studied these mathematics out here in the mainstream..

Right now?  were checking out some James Brown / rock influenced jazz from the Art Ensemble of Chicago as they Rock Out!! 

This is off their Dexterity album  recorded in Paris, summer 1969; during that time period / time frame everybody tried to rock out!!

The Art Ensemble of Chicago is ..... 

 Check them out!!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that's the type of business conducted..

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future!! unlike Trump financial disclosures the business is not corrupted...

The saga / struggle continues!! the come up? we're real with it but composure / exposure makes the situation critical..

..supposedly like Trump and his so called immigration plan, so what's up man? so what it do?

We're still out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, Grace Jones said  Pull Up To The Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper Mix)

We're still out here, maybe somebody will understand the Brotha O-Zone as beats bump and this good word is dropped; we continue to get breakbeat scientific..

Business As Usual May 2019: Luke Solomon + Special Guest Ron Bacardi

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, of course we'll go back to the future..

The saga / struggle continues, retro-futuristic with it!! that's how the work will be!! act like you knew bro!!

Putting it down even though naysayers say we're unworthy!! we're not out here making / losing money like Donald Trump...

Work will even need to be done by so called millennials to reach the middle class / next level; meanwhile your dude O-Dizzle is in the mix trying to take it to the next level!! beats will bump..

We'll continue to stump the thought and fashion police with this crass forensic rhetoric, O-Zone placed a bet on it based on vibes from the  back in the day business!!

Relating to this Throwback Thursday business, this Business As Usual May 2019: Luke Solomon + Special Guest Ron Bacardi will let you know the deal is...

This is courtesy of the Classic Music Company, it's class music cousin!! for us?  it's business as usual, a little bit of the old and the new!!  excuse us, we missed a few episodes

Check their website for past episodes as we move unto the future; check the playlist and the mix for these O-Dog Day Party modes!!

1. Sticks and Stonez & Liv East - You¹re My (Dave + Sam Remix) - [Glitterbox Recordings]
2. THATMANMONKZ - Easy Still [Shadeleaf Music]
3. Daz-I-Kue featuring. Hadiya George - Pedigree [Foliage Records]
4. Girls of the Internet featuring. Princess Precious - Your Love [Drab Queen]
5. Luca Donzelli & Mar-T - Dancing Desire (Original Mix) [Play it Say It]
6. Gershon Jackson- Spellbynder (Mike Dunn VooDoo MixX) [Omni Music Solutions]
7. Christine and the Queens - Comme Si (Honey Dijon Remix) [Because Music]
8. Flevans - It Just Goes featuring. Sarah Scott (Ray Mang Remix) [Jalapeno]
9. John KONGOS - I’m Dreaming [Best Record Italy]
10. Juan Maclean - Zone Non Linear [DFA Records]
11. Oliver Dollar featuring. Matthew K & Dady Hemingway - The Delta - [Classic Music Company]
12. Floorplan - So Glad [M-Plant Music]
13. Purveyors of Fine Funk - Ux2 (Ron Bacardi Remix) [Vessel Records] Classic Is Your Friend: Maurice Fulton 45 Mix: Ron Bacardi This show was exclusively broadcast on Radio FG!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.7

Damn!! here we go again, we're rejuvenated!! all up in the midst of this HumpDay Extravaganza!!  but these breakbeat scientific principles are good for any day..

Damn!! here we go again, we're rejuvenated!! but still trying to get over the hump like the New York Knicks in the NBA Draft Lottery!!

Maybe choosing RJ Barrett? maybe picking up Kevin Durant? who's fair with it / this or that? I see how it's going down!! others  need to be impeached like Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors. 

Who's fair with it? I see how it's going down!!  tires screeched as I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta amongst  the underpaid  Uber and Lyft drivers;  it's rough out here,  these are hard times, but check out  these survivors!!  a brotha is trying to maintain his demeanor. 

Not a survivor like Rod Rosenstein landing the plane; O-Zone? observing the scene, players were in pain  like the Chi-Lites;  asking have you seen her!! those  cats were spotted over at South Dekalb Mall in Decatur rocking outfits from Kwy Fashions and New York Fashions. 

We arrived bro!! rejuvenated after observing the scene, now ready to roll!! prayers were sent up /  blessings come down as  insights were provided;  with  so called Titans we keep clashing.

We arrived bro!! rejuvenated!! moving forward,  things were changing anyway; damn!  some things were even snatched from us!!

We arrived bro!! rejuvenated!! moving forward,  retro futuristic!!  O-Dizzle has something batched up for us.

We arrived bro!! rejuvenated!! we're laying this down per this Humpday Extravaganza!! check us out as we swim through the mainstream of mathematics.

Rejuvenated!! out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta peeping game because they'll always be something!! damn!! back in the day? lights dim or blink on the instrument panel,  the vehicle was acting erratic.

 But I ignored the turbulence, check out how I work this!! I'm like James Brown rolling with Full Force,  don't start no static and they're won't be none!!

Rejuvenated, but we see how naysayers work this!!  those fanatics put their games down,  but we'll rebuke them; O-Zone is not the one.