Friday, June 14, 2013

The Reset Button / Default Settings PT.5

The system crashed!!! damn!!  hacked by Edward Snowden  and the NSA Prism Program?...trying to get open? damn!! I'm going to have to boot it back up!

.....I hit the reset button; now I'm on default settings...based on Louisville / Newburg upbringing..but drama some are bringing like  boots on the ground in Syria  as I deal with the mass hysteria...that's whats up!

But now I'm back to my old ways and means; observing these scenes...ready to roll!!  I was even parking lot pimping! 

I even parked crooked taking up two lanes!! marking my territory!! but as I tell this story its not a simple thing!

I parked crooked because I was crooked like Rupert Murdoch? damn!! that's what baby girl said! 

Just trying to get peace to be still; but like the Shuckers deck collapsing in Miami the drama unfurled instead!

All up in the spot like Miami Heat beating San Antonio...whatcha know?  whats up with us? whats the deal?  reign of terror scenarios plus the bloodshed told the story! 

Plus others were victimized by the scheme and plot;  now those jokers are flipping out!!  misled after a crook told the story! 

I parked the hooptie crooked!! staking out my territory!! repelling the hostile takeover! 

Humping like the middle of the week / blue collar style!  the break is over! 

.....using this good word and breakbeats to get over the hump! 

You heard?  its authentic / genuine;  we weren't fronting like Donald Trump! 

Sonic Assaults / blackjacks will thump some upside the head!! maybe it'll be like a reset button! 

Refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix..seen with a punishment glutton! 

Whats up son?  I pushed the reset button; now I'm back on default settings!

 Its based on my Louisville / Newburg upbringings;  its not my fault history is repeating!

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