Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Minute Heroics / The Sonic Assault Edition

Jokers were waiting on a hero like Lebron James to lead them to the championship! 

Jokers were hating!! like Edward Snowden getting open..last minute heroics were needed;  I could see after the mothership landed! on earth; whats it all worth?  they had me at the service desk! 

...returning bogus merchandise; whose paying the price?  how were they trying to work this? 

Spotted silly Negroes with their silly swags / steelos; damn!!  things didn't look too good! 

Jokers even plotted and schemed on this Negro...please!! I was banned from Blogster because I wasn't corporate;  they said the style was too hood!

Negro please!! I know how the sport will get....Aaron Hernandez and even Paula Deen can tell you... its got to be good!! we can't depend on last minute heroics! 

Negro please!!  I know how the sport will get when were dealing with these stoics!

Word from Herman Cain talking "out the side of his neck" ..but what did some expect? he provided no heroics during his presidential campaign run...

I heard some are in Nelson Mandela..guys who really put work in...trying to get it done...

I heard about the reign of terror implemented by a wannabe "good fella" playing a role like Sopranos / James Gandolfini

The reign began with a plans whats the dizzle? last minute heroics are needed..somebody might understand me...

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