Sunday, June 16, 2013

The I-20 Chronicles / Finding A Portal To Slide Through

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; a brotha found a portal to slide through! 

Usually slipping down memory lane or was it Broadway?  remembered it was Louisville / Newburg that I liked to ride through!

 ..maybe even Charlotte / Mecklenburg on West Boulevard; wherever...staying on point...even though I was considered arrogant / aloof or cunning and clever;  some were Flipping with squares I didn't merge!! I kept them out of my circle! 

...told them don't even start it!! the style is blue collar!! like Isley Brothers I had work to do! 

The Lord told me I've got work for you!! so I slide through the portal with this breakbeat science! 

Dipped down I-20 in the Honda Accord; not on one accord with the league!! I knew how the sport would do;  plus the fake had that weird science! 

Like ESPN I saw points scored...The Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash plus the Block Party was off the chain with with 2Chainz and Goodie Mob.. 

So whatcha saying? not bored...staying on point...please!! these Titans still Clash..check out the Reign Of Terror..jokers on Marietta street were looking for somebody to rob!!

I'm still on my job though...even though some told me to abort mine!! I had to laugh at that!! this is word from the blessed and highly favored! 

Slid through the portal...rolling down I-20 listening to Harlem River Drive by Bobbi Humphrey...understand me;  whats mine is mine per the Miami Mass Choir! the good word is dropped and the music is funk flavored! 

Sliding through the portal...jokers rolled down Peachtree St in the old school Chevy slow jams!! it sounded like car bombs in Iraq....but you know how jokers will act!! the apparatus misbehaved with it like NSA Prism we had to make adjustments!

 Following Public Enemy's advice; we knew we couldn't trust it!

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