Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perpetual Motion PT.3 / We Kept It Moving

Chilling out...but still keeping it moving...good things happen that way..I'm Searchin like the Roy Ayers joint! 

Searching for peace like authorities searching for Edward Snowden;  whatcha know man? were dealing with the Total Chaos ..but working with it like true Louisville players do..even though I'm not the one they'll anoint! 

Refusing to take a loss; I stay in perpetual motion!! please!!  I keep Bumpin On Sunset like Wes Montgomery! 

Others front, fake, and floss; check the Reign Of Terror..they're acting brand new like they had a notion!! acting like they understand me!

 But they don't know the half of the story... I'm a Midwest bruh stranded down here in the ATL!

Dropping this science and math in this hostile territory; like the Spurs beating the Miami Heat...some jokers hope I fail! 

Like the NSA Prism program others jokers hope I tell how the operations work;  but I never was an informant! 

Others are now jumping and recognizing; revolutionary feelings laid dormant! 

Dealing with what's important; distractions will take you under! 

Spotted the ATL smooth jazz / blue lights in the basement type players!! plus sista girl rocking the Afro like Angela Davis!! damn!! it made me wonder! 

I guess jokers had a notion on how they would get open; I guess they made their next move their best move! 

Meanwhile we kept things in perpetual motion; O-Zone is dropping this good word ...O-Dizzle had the next groove!

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