Saturday, June 15, 2013

Technical Difficulties PT.3

Still dealing with technical difficulties; like in Instanbul some act a fool!! somebody broke the rule!!  theres a glitch in the matrix! 

Plus some question these abilities; like I didn't go to like Edward Snowden...I'm dealing with a snitch that'll fake it! 

Whats the deal with those and these? what are they knowing?  its hard to take it!! supreme courage and maximum strength is needed! 

Whats the deal with those and these?  reality is shady!! now some were drunk or weeded! 

The devil will oppose!! but this good word is dropped along with the funk; check the secret garden... Quincy Jones / Barry White style!!  fertile soil is seeded! 

On another level?  check the skills and abilities!! were moving at a high velocity..some said speed is needed! 

On another level?  like attacks in Pakistan..I see this thing can get ugly;  like Kepler telescopes spotting alien was confirmed by other intergalactic travelers

Another devil introduced technical difficulties; mainframes were hacked!! plus NSA Prism programs will unravel us!

 High and low technical abilities are flexed as we get with ya!! check how the funk is dropped; O-Dizzle is not playing a slow jam!! he wasn't about that kind of life!

Whats the dizzle?  like Belfast protestors against G-8 were just out here trying to deal with the toil and strife! 

Technical difficulties were like a knife in the back!! but we pray and fast...then we proceed and continue! 

It got lonely out there but we kept on running;  so what's next on the menu?

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