Thursday, June 27, 2013

As We Proceed / In The Meantime and Between Time

As we proceed and continue.......guess I hit you up with this good word; in the meantime and between time! 

Jokers were coming out of the woodwork like termites;  some were even seen with mine!

...corrupting them!! but I'm back on the scene with mine like an exterminator! 

Whats up with them?  jokers get sprayed on!!! but I heard them say I'll be back like the Terminator! 

We all heard from a hater; contributing to the Reign of Terror.. now some are under security blankets in safe havens and safe harbors! 

Security blankets the area due to Boston Marathon bombings and IRS Tea Parties;  who started these?  hatred some harbor! 

Is this the thanks one gets for for Boston Tea Parties? now were fooling with / whistleblowers / Benedict Arnolds!

Is this the thanks one gets?  Aaron Hernandez went for his...he was flipping out in Boston...whose paying the price? whats it costing?  dealing with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning types!! whose part of these and those? 

Is this the thanks one gets? in the ATL Young Jeezy / snow man types said nobody was understanding their toil and strife! 

In the meantime and between time?  I kept it moving..the higher power was protecting the gate of life!

...aka the portal..knowing how the sport will go...whatcha know? watching the NBA Draft as I type this...

In the meantime and between time...Public Enemy told me what the hype is...

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