Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doing The Knowledge / But Thats Business As Usual

 Shady dealings like the NSA Prism program?  I had to pray and curse through!! but blessed double for the trouble!! even though I had to sacrifice! 

I kept it moving!! even though I felt the pressure...feelings and emotions tried to get in the way.."it ain't nothing nice"

Doing the knowledge....checked out the ongoing Reign Of Terror; maybe some will think twice  like the Donald Byrd joint!! but the sideways glances I received told the real story! 

I kept it moving / low key with it; please!! I was hip to the debatable circumstance;  being built or torn down? check out how its going heard?  I wasn't about the fame and glory! 

But its business as usual; we're still doing the knowledge..please!! characters get defamed in the story!! that's why I'm not all up in it!

I kept it moving...perpetual motion like I mentioned at my other site...but that's business as usual;  were in it to win it!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Doing The Knowledge / But Thats Business As Usual

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